Friday, May 28, 2010

Wedding Week Countdown: Blame It On The Weatherman?

Well, friends, after over a year of planning, scheming and dreaming, I can hardly believe that this is really the final countdown!

Stephen and I are spending the day packing and tying up loose ends before flying out to California tomorrow to start our final week of preparations. And exactly one week from today, we’ll finally tie the knot!

Of course, one thing I’ll be closely tracking throughout the coming week is the weather report. Now, with our wedding taking place in Southern California, I’m not wildly concerned about rain or bad weather interfering.

On the other hand, you never know. After all, my mom told me that last year on June 3, a freak rainstorm swept through. And with wildfires all too common in our area, heat and high winds are a major risk factor, too.

Well, The Weather Channel’s Wedding Planner feature has put my mind at ease, at least for now. The average temperature for June 4 in Thousand Oaks is 76 degrees, with a bit of a morning cloud cover, plenty of afternoon sunshine, and an 8 p.m. sunset. The last two years held up to this promise, with 2009 bringing a 71-degree day, and 2008 topping out at 67 degrees.

This year’s predication? It should be a comfortable 68 degrees, with mostly sunny skies and low winds. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that nothing changes, but for now, I’d better switch my focus right back to getting everything ready to go!

Engaged ladies, do you have wedding day weather concerns? Married girls, did untimely weather surprises threaten to put a damper on your day?

(Graphic Credit: Google Images)


  1. Definitely worried about rain. Our ceremony site is outside in a sunken garden with the only backup being to move it under the reception tent. Not my ideal situation.

    Have safe travels tomorrow!

  2. Hoping you're blessed with great weather! So exciting your big day is almost here! Looking forward to hearing all about it!! :)

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for you! We definitely run the risk of rain in October, but it hasn't rained in the past four years at my venue, so I can't worry about it.

    Plus, there is a beautiful room at our venue where we'll hold the ceremony if the weather doesn't cooperate. Though I hope it does!

    You're so close!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me know about this Weather Channel Wedding Planner - so cool! Thanks for the info (and here's hoping for good weather!)

  5. It's the final stretch!! Haha I checked the weather SO obsessively leading up to our wedding. I was hoping and hoping for no rain. And what happened in the morning? Rain. It was on and off until literally I was on the golf cart being driven over to the ceremony location. Then it didn't rain for the rest of the day!

    It was perfect.

    Whatever the weather, it will be a gorgeous day for you, but it definitely sounds so far so good!

  6. Try not to worry about the weather as it's the one thing you can't control, easier said than done though as I know!

    The whole week before our wedding the weather was awful; it even snowed!!!!! My sister & nephew arrived on the wednesday by train which was delayed and diverted because of mudslides! Not good, hence why my photographer told me to bring wellies!

    I was getting a bit worried as our venue had lovely grounds but just had to laugh; after all we did get married in Scotland!

    However on the day it was lovely; although a bit chilly, we got all the pics outside and it just started to rain at around 5 when we were going in for dinner anyway!

    1 week to go; how exciting can't wait to see the pics!

    I'm hoping to finally get round to starting my recaps this week.

  7. I had clouds in the morning but it was gorgeous just before pics and for the rest of the day.

    You will have amazing weather and a wonderful day. I am getting giddy for you!

  8. Crosses fingers* for you. No matter what it is going to be one of the best days of your life though :)

  9. So exciting! I hope the weather is great for you :)

  10. Oh i'm so excited for you. I still have a little over 2 months and i'm so excited so I can imagine how you must feel.

  11. Not so much at the moment cause the weather is generally very good in Sept. But as it gets closer to the time I'm sure I'll be more concerned if things aren't quite typical weather wise. Fingers crossed everything will be great on your day!

  12. The weather is going to play a big factor on my wedding day. My wedding venue and reception venue are both outdoors lakeside!

  13. Oh my - it's right around the corner! Weather wasn't huge for us since everything was indoors but it was a sauna inside our church (good thing we had personalized water).

  14. Well as you know I was SUPER stressed about the weather and yes ultimately it did rain and we had to move the ceremony inside but it ended up be BEAUTIFUL and I'm actually really happy that it ended up that way so no matter what the weather your day will be amazing!

  15. Crossing my fingers for weather good luck for you two!

    As you know our New Years Eve Wedding was the hottest for 113 years - SO HOT