Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fit To Be Wed

As you know, I eagerly (anxiously?) awaited the arrival of my Alfred Angelo gown ever since I ordered it back in February. After a lot of last-minute hustling, things at last seem like they'll work out, and I’m thrilled to slip into the gown of my dreams for the wedding!

Since this was my second gown selection, I’m definitely no stranger to fittings, bustles and fabrics. Here, my top tips for a stress-free fitting – the first of which is to order your gown more than four months ahead of time, so that you don’t end up scrambling the way I have!

• Don’t forget your shoes! The height of your shoes will have a big impact on how much of a hem, if any, your gown needs. You definitely won’t want to be caught without them.

• Also, be sure to bring along your wedding day lingerie. Undergarments can make a difference in the look and fit of a gown, so have these items already selected by the time your first fitting rolls around. A good seamstress can often even add bra cups to help with the fit, so don’t forget to ask about that option, if you're interested.

• If you have a fitness or weight loss goal, try to have met it by the time of your fitting. This will spare you from having to make further dramatic (and expensive) alterations to the gown closer to the wedding date.

• If you have a certain look in mind for your bustle, or a type of bustle you don’t want, be sure to let your seamstress know, and come prepared with photos when possible. Some bustle designs, including the French style, have multiple ways they can be crafted.

For example, on my old gown, we planned for an elaborate eight-layer French bustle with time-intensive ribbon ties. With my new gown, I’m going for a much simpler style. Before you agree to a certain design, be sure to take into account the exact look and bustling process, including how much time you’ll have and who will be available at your wedding to do it.

• If you can, snap a few photos. A gown can look different in pictures than it does in person, and this may give you some insight into other alterations you’d like made.

Have you done your gown fitting yet? What’s your best advice for a smooth session?

(Photo Credits: Alfred Angelo)


  1. All great tips! No fittings for me yet, but the muslin mock-up of my gown is in and I have an appointment to meet with the seamstress on Tuesday. I'm so excited to get this ball rolling!

  2. This has all been noted - dress shopping is coming up but this will be useful for down the road :)

  3. Great tips! I got my alterations over and done with back in December. Was early, but I don't fluctuate too much so hopefully won't need anything else done to it.

  4. My best advice - don't go to the dodgy dress shop I did!

    Luckily one of Mr B's friends altered my dress hem the day before the wedding - talk about cutting it close!