Monday, May 3, 2010

A Custom Wedding Slideshow

I’ve been close to Pooneh, one of my bridesmaids, for 20 incredible years. Growing up, she was always ready with the most unique ideas for games and fun. Today, she’s still one of the most imaginative people I know, and she’s using her originality to help make my wedding spectacular, from designing candy wrappers for our rehearsal dinner favors to sharing creative inspiration galore.
Here, she talks about her latest project – creating a custom slideshow for our reception. I hope her thoughts inspire you, too!

The bride is born; the groom is born. They each grow up, become adults, and start their lives. Somewhere along the way, they meet and start their magical journey. How to document that journey? How to capture that sparkle of love to share with the world? Well, maybe not the world, but at least the wedding guests!

That’s where I come in. As one of Heather’s bridesmaids and longtime friends, I’m creating a personalized slideshow for the reception. I know what you’re thinking…another typical slideshow set to a cheesy, boring song. That’s exactly why I’m trying to make my slideshow different.

Of course, I’ll still showcase the fun baby pictures, along with shots of Heather and Stephen over the years. I’ll still build up to the special day they met, and will then include pictures of them together. But instead of playing just one love song in the background, I’ll be mixing things up by custom-editing the music.

Having known Heather most of my life, there are so many songs we’ve enjoyed over the years that have meaning to us. I’ll also get a list of most-loved songs from she and Stephen, and will then create my own mash-ups and custom mixes for an upbeat, fun combo that smoothly flows. Exactly which songs am I picking? You’ll have to wait until after the wedding to find out, because there’s no way I’m letting Heather in on that secret!

Are you showing a slideshow at your reception? Who’s creating it, and what types of music will you include?

(Graphic Credits: Google Images)


  1. Our ceremony had TV screens all over so people think we're crazy but honestly, I don't have the time to sort through (and scan!) all the photos!

    If we do this it will definitely be a LAST MINUTE project!

  2. We want to doa mini slideshow too but I really haven't worked on that yet at all. I'm pretty sure yours will be great since Pooneh sounds like she knows what she's doing.

  3. What an awesome friend, and how lucky it is that she has photos spanning over 20 years of friendship! It's going to be great :)

  4. I have no doubt your slideshow will be amazing! We haven't decided if we are doing one yet