Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Engagement: Here Today, But Gone In a Flash!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recall that last fall, I shared the story of our DIY engagement session. As I mentioned then, these photos were shot by my talented sister, since our photographer’s all-inclusive package pushed the limits of how much we wanted to spend.

Well, guess what? With our engagement quickly coming to a close, my good friend Damien Smith, a top Los Angeles wedding photographer, treated us to a fabulous photo session during his recent visit to Washington, D.C.! I’m absolutely thrilled that these pro shots capture all the joy and excitement of our final days as an engaged couple, just as our DIY photos reveal the hopefulness and energy of the early months.

Though certainly not without its momentary frustrations, our engagement has been the happiest time of our lives, and I can’t wait to get married and move on to the next phase – that of husband and wife! It will happen soon enough, but for now, here's a sneak peek from our pro engagement shoot in our hometown of Old Town Alexandria. Stay tuned for more!

At what point in the countdown did you schedule your engagement session?

(Photo Credit: Damien Smith Photography)


  1. We scheduled ours about a year before our wedding. I wanted to use the pics for our save the dates and other wedding related things leading up to the wedding.

    My friend did hers a month before her wedding though. I don't think there's any set time you should ge them done. :)

    Thank you for all of your super sweet comments on my blog! :) Have a great day!

  2. So exciting that you were able to do this! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

    As of right now, our e-shoot is scheduled for the end of July. I'm considering rescheduling because a) not only is that the hottest time in Georgia, but b) we're attending weddings the weekend before and the weekend after. So we'll see.

  3. Gorgeous photo, and how nice of Damien Smith! We did our engagement session almost a year to the day of our wedding. We really wanted to take pictures at the pumpkin patch we visit every year, so we knew we had to do our engagement photos in October.

  4. That's so awesome!!! That picture is adorable.
    Your day is almost here and I'm so excited for you!

    We did our engagement shots about 4 months in advance...before it got too cold out to do them outside. And it was still 30 degrees the morning of our shoot and we went out at 7am for the best light. At least they came out great!

  5. Can't wait to see more! I like the idea of doing a photo session near the end of your engagement. There'll be all those dressed up wedding pix soon enough...!

  6. We did ours in July and got married in April. The reason I wanted it done so far before was because I used a lot of the pictures from our e-pic session throughout the wedding day decor in items like the Gift Card Box, the Table Numbers, our invitations, etc.

    Um, I don't think it's fair you only show one picture from your session. I want to see much more! :)

    I cannot believe how close you are to the big exciting!

  7. That's such a great picture and I absolutely love the background. We still haven't done our but we will sometime next month.

  8. Ooh, pretty location :)

    We did the opposite for our engagement photos. We took them about 3 weeks BEFORE we were technically engaged, haha. We went to pick out the ring at the start of my visit (my fiance lives in England) and this was within a day of the photos, but it was going to take some time for the ring to be ready and the photos to be ready, and we wanted to have both before I hopped a plane back home. But it worked out in the end :)