Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Wedding Day Puzzle Challenge

With our big DIY projects now out of the way, Stephen and I have been brainstorming creative ways to entertain our guests during dinner, plus give away our centerpieces at the end of the night. The solution we came up with? A fun word-puzzle game!

Inspired by Hannah at A Very Gator Wedding, I used Discovery Education to put together a 12-question crossword about our relationship and wedding. The online template was easy to use, and afterward, I copied the puzzle onto a separate sheet of paper, where I created my own layout, including the questions and instructions.

Before the reception starts, our coordinator will help us out by leaving a puzzle sheet at each guest’s table setting. Then, during the meal, guests can enjoy answering questions about our hometown, jobs and honeymoon spot.

The questions will also test how much they’ve paid attention during the wedding so far, with questions about the theme, wedding party, signature drink and first dance. I’m really excited about this game, and hope our guests will be, too!

But what if someone doesn’t want to play, or doesn’t want the centerpiece? That’s totally fine. They can either give the centerpiece to someone else at the table who does want it, or just leave it with us at the end of the night.

Or, suppose someone gets stumped on a question? That’s OK, too. They can easily hit us up for a clue as we make the rounds during dinner. All in all, this is designed to be lighthearted and laid-back.

What do you think? Will you include any games or contests at your wedding?

(Photo & Graphic Credits: Stephen Walrath & Google Images)


  1. I really like that idea. I just may steal it, considering I have so much leftover paper that I don't know what to do with.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! We're getting excited to see what questions we get asked during the weekend.

  3. This is such a great idea! I love it. And so cool you can make it yourself :) I wish I would have known about this...would have found a way to use it :)

  4. Thats a great idea. I'll check out the site. Haven't thought about this before

  5. Such a good idea; we didnt do anything special for our guests, they seemed to keep themselves amused eating & drinking!

  6. This is such a fun idea! I may "borrow" the crossword puzzle for our programs - our two ceremonies could get long, so I want something for our guests to look at, especially during the Sanskrit portions of the Hindu ceremony!

    Great idea!

  7. What a cute idea. I think your guests will love them.