Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Design Inspiration: Avoiding Floral Fallout

I’ve shared with you my floral and decor vision for our wedding day, but what about the practical tips I’ve learned along the way? Here, the important do-and-don’t secrets that have helped me make the best choices to ensure a great day for everyone.

Make sure your bouquets are proportional in size to you and your bridesmaids. If you’re a petite bride like me, the last thing you want is to feel loaded down with a heavy bouquet that is twice your size! No matter what type of design you’re dreaming of – cascade, classic round or hand-tied – work with your florist to ensure that your bouquet’s size and style do not overwhelm or underwhelm your figure. A good trick our florist described is to try holding different sized dinner plates in front of you to help get a feel for how big or small you’d like the arrangements to be.

Also be mindful of your gown’s style and design. Don’t want to block the details on the bodice? A cascade bouquet may not be the best option. Keeping your look simple? A dramatic arrangement might appear overwhelming. Your florist should take these things into account when designing your bouquet.

Check with your wedding party members, or anyone else who will be in close contact with the flowers, to be certain there are no severe allergies you need to consider. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a bridesmaid sneezing her way to the altar, or your mom breaking out in a rash because she’s allergic to the flowers in her corsage. Consider these factors early on to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Choose in-season, local flowers to save money. Budget was a huge consideration in picking our flowers, and we saved big by forgoing expensive options that would need to be imported from afar.

And finally, don’t forget to consider your venue and the local climate before making your final floral choices. Some flowers may be beautiful as the day begins, but will wilt in the sun during a warm outdoor ceremony. Chilly locale? Consult a florist to be sure the flowers are hefty enough to handle it.

What are your top tips for choosing the perfect wedding day flowers? What challenges have you faced?

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  1. Really good tips. I'm sure alot of people don't think of those things like blocking the beading on your dress. Thankfully i'm using all non-flowers.

  2. I just spoke with my "florist" today! She is actually through our caterer (she does all of the centerpieces at an awesome rate). She knew we were working with a tight budget so she'll be getting me 5 bouquets (including mine), 4 corsages and 5 bouts for a bit more than $200. I'm so excited!!!

    She brought up most of your "Savings tips" so I'm definitely giving this post a thumbs up for brides who are looking to save some cash :)

  3. Great tips! Will keep them in mind when we meet with our florist

  4. Great tips! I would have never even thought of most of them.

  5. Great tips! It's all about balance right?

  6. Great tips.
    They all make so much sense and I honestly didn't even bother thinking about them.
    Thanks for sharing.