Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother’s Day ‘Thank You’

I’m no stranger to the wedding world, and one thing I hear time and again is the story of the overbearing parent who just has to have his or her way when it comes to crafting the perfect celebration. But not my mom.

Throughout our entire engagement, my mom has been nothing but helpful, understanding and generous. She’s spent her hard-earned money on gifts that make us smile, her weekends graciously making phone calls, and her evenings running errands that are impossible for me to handle from the opposite side of the country. Despite the distance between us, I talk with my mom each day, and couldn't have made it through this process without her, as she has truly poured her whole heart into our wedding.

As a way to honor all of her hard work, here’s a photo of my beautiful mother at her July 1981 wedding. I hope I’ll look as lovely as she did, and that someday, I’ll happily look back at my own wedding photos with my daughter, still grateful for all that my mom has done for me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Love ya!

(Photo Credit: Personal Library)


  1. My mom's been supportive throughout the wedding planning process too. She goes with me to bridal shows, and when I tell her about my ideas she just smiles and nods, haha. I feel really lucky because I've heard about some moms who push their ideas in a way that stresses out their soon to be married daughters.

  2. So lovely to see her wedding pics, makes you realise how important the pics are so that you can keep to show your own kids!

    My mum was so helpful during the planning too; her and my dad will fab helping with all the DIY!