Monday, May 10, 2010

I Cheated…

…on my ring!

A couple months ago, after having my engagement ring resized (hurray for weight loss!), I noticed that one of the small stones along the band had fallen out. I was bummed, but luckily, the jeweler agreed to repair it right away within the week.

This was good news, but it definitely felt strange to be without my ring for even a few days. So strange, in fact, that I instead took to wearing a sapphire birthstone ring on my wedding finger.

While many people didn’t even notice the change, those who did had nothing but compliments about the blue stone. In fact, some acquaintances I rarely see assumed that this fill-in was my actual engagement ring!

Though I was overjoyed to get my classic diamond back, in the end, it was fun getting so much attention for wearing a non-traditional style. Here, a few out-of-the-ordinary designs I love, including the Irish Claddagh ring.

In Irish culture, if the heart on this ring is pointed inward and worn on the left hand, it means the wearer’s heart has already been won. But if it’s facing outward and worn on the right hand, it means the wearer is still looking for love. This tradition is so much fun, I may try to tie it into my wedding day somehow!

Do you have a non-traditional engagement ring, or would you consider wearing one?

(Photo Credits: Sun Jewelry & Google Images)


  1. I have been horrible about wearing my ring. I take it off at night while I sleep and sometimes in the morning, especially if I'm just home all day, I won't even put it on. I'll share more about why I think that is in a future recap post :) I think it's so great that you wore a 'stand in' while your ring was getting repaired. How fun! I used to be a total jewelry person but not as much anymore.

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  3. My ring is pretty traditional, but I love the look of colored gems as well. I've heard that diamonds are more durable than other stones, and I can be a little rough on my hands sometimes (due to clumsiness, not any demanding physical activities from my job), so I think I'll stick with the diamond!

  4. I have a diamond e-ring but I would totally wear an aqua (not turquoise) ring if I could find one. The aquamarine ones always looks alot bluer in photos but like a watery, really light blue- closer to a diamond in person.

    I'm like Mrs. Beever, I wear no jewelry when i'm at home and take it off and soon as I get home.

  5. I'm like Mrs. Beever with my ring. I spend so much time at home that I easily forget it when I leave the house. I really like some of the replacement ones you showed.

  6. I hated when my ring was in getting re-sized, wish I had thought to wear another.

    I much prefer plain diamonds and I have a princess cut single stone ring. However I did wear the large dark sapphire ring my granny left me at my wedding as my something blue.

  7. I got to pick out my engagement ring with my fiance, and I went with traditional, round, solitaire. I love it :) Other rings are pretty, but for me diamond solitaire says "engaged."

    I wore a "stand in" while my ring was being resized too. I had a claddaugh with an amethyst, and purple is Adam's favorite color, so that helped.

  8. I've got a multi-facted amethyst for my engagement ring set in rose gold. :)