Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wanted: Wedding Day Nail Advice!

My time as a bride-to-be is quickly drawing to a close (in just 10 days!), but I still need your help. One of my final dilemmas in the run-up to the wedding is how I should do my nails. I’ve already got a mani and pedi lined up the day before, but am a bit stuck about exactly what to ask for! Here, my top three ideas.


A rich purple shade (definitely not neon-y) would match the sash on my gown, and would help add a slightly modern twist to my otherwise classic and romantic look. On the other hand (no pun intended), I don’t want my nails to be too flashy or distracting.


Light pink nails seem to be a classic fallback of brides everywhere, but do they scream “boring”? Plus, would pink nails look silly next to a bouquet with a grape ribbon?

French Tips

My own nails are too short and in no condition to sport French tips on their own, so this choice would mean a full set of acrylics. I’ve had them once before, and liked the way they turned out, but I do remember they were a bit expensive and took the salon a long time to apply.

What do you think I should go with, and what will you or did you do for your own wedding? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I would go with the purple or pink. I think that pink done right can actually be very modern and un-boring, and I don't think it would clash with your bouquet ribbon or sash since pink is a neutral.

    I'm not a huge fan of French Tips, but that's a personal choice. And it's certainly a classic bridal look as well. I haven't decided on my nails yet, either, but I'm thinking a rosy pink for my toes to compliment my emerald shoes, and a lighter pink for my nails.

    Good luck with this decision :)

  2. Oh I think something bright and purple would be fun!!

  3. Purple would definitely be fun and modern! But if you're worried about your nails being too flashy then I would suggest a neutral/nude pink. I plan on using OPI's At First Sight. You can barely tell that it's on, but it makes my nails look incredibly shiny and healthy.

  4. I think you have to decide on the statement you want. Purple would be awesome and call attention. I think I would skip pink and go French if you want something more neutral - I think they come off looking more finished.

  5. I have extremely thin nails that makes paint crack less than an hour after a manicure. I either do a buffed look (a man's manicure) or french tips. I'll be doing super short acrylics for the wedding (probably the length of my normal nails) so there will be NO chipping!!

    So thats my advice - if your nails are anything like mine, stay safe and go for the acrylics. The last thing you need is a paint touch up while in your white dress!

  6. I love the way French Tips look... but they are more expensive and usually take about an hour to apply... the plus side is that they'll last for a couple weeks (or at least they should) without chipping or coming off.

    That's my vote, aside from French, I love purple :)

  7. I fully intended to do a mani/pedi and have them paint my own nails with a french manicure. Normally, I go red on my toe nails, but since I had red peep toed shoes, I decided I wanted the focus on the shoes - not my toes...so I did a french pedicure.

    Then for my nails, just a couple weeks before the wedding my nails got totally destroyed! I was so upset. I *HAD* to go with a full set of acrylics. I thought about going with a red color to match our colors, but then realized that with my hands in shots holding my bouquet and hugging people and holding Mr Fix It's hand, I didn't want anything distracting...so I just opted for the traditional french tip. I really liked it and am glad I did it. If you already have the purple sash and such, you have plenty of 'fun' and modernicity to capture someone's eye, but you don't want too much going on that would potentially be distracting.

  8. My personal preference is a the pink. I like the natural look the best. French tips are great too, but sometimes they don't turn out looking great so I'm not sure if I would risk it. You could do your toes purple and something more natural for your hands if you are concerned about not having bright nails in the pics

  9. If you can't rock a French manicure (I can't either) I would go with pink. I do think purple may be distracting (but purple family like mauve or lilac would coordinate with your sash). But I don't know much about your color palette, so if it's what you love and you want bold, power to you!

    If you're worried about it being too much, just ask for a pink that matches your skin tone. Looking at your profile pic, you seem to have a cool pinkish skin tone. So actually these colors here in your blog theme might be good inspiration! Good luck :)

  10. Lilac! It's kinda like pink but matches you perfectly!

    I'm lukewarm about French tips because done poorly, they look strange.

  11. I tend to go conservative. Pinks or a classic french manicure. Can't go wrong!

  12. I would go with the french manicure; think it would be less distracting unless thats the look you want.

    I specifically grew my nails (for the first time EVER) for my wedding; just so I could get a french manicure done!

    I def think that was the right choice for my style of dress etc.

    I do have a really dark purple nail colour which I wore for a bit on honeymoon as it was SO noticeable so I would be wary if you are going for that.

    However one of my bridesmaids had dark purple which looked fan against their dark dresses.

  13. I had french on my own finger nails. But I was tossing up red to match my shoes.

    If you wear colour often and you're used to the way it looks I say go the purple!

    If you don't wear colour much then go the soft pink.

    You want to look like YOU on your wedding day.

  14. I'm actually doing clear. My nails chip easily and the last thing I want is chipped nails on my wedding day (especially in pics). I would pick something very neutral and buy a bottle of polish so you can touch up :)

  15. I'm actually doing clear. My nails chip easily and the last thing I want is chipped nails on my wedding day (especially in pics). I would pick something very neutral and buy a bottle of polish so you can touch up :)

  16. I'm actually doing clear. My nails chip easily and the last thing I want is chipped nails on my wedding day (especially in pics). I would pick something very neutral and buy a bottle of polish so you can touch up :)