Saturday, May 22, 2010

DIY Program Inspiration

It’s time to check the final DIY off the list, because our programs are ready to go!

We started with a few pages of text and graphics, two packs of ivory resume paper, extra printer ink, and an extra-long stapler for binding. What we got? The packets below, which match the simple, classy and clean look of our invites and the rest of the stationary items we’ve created. Best of all, they tie in our grape motif, favorite quotes, and a couple nods to our Irish heritage.

Here, a closer look at all the pieces, although they do look much better in person. Enjoy!

The cover features our signature grape symbol and a favorite Ella Fitzgerald quote. To create the grape graphic, which we’re displaying on most of our stationary, we bought a stamp at Paper Source, made a good imprint on a sheet of paper, and then scanned the design into the computer. We’re saving time by not having to individually stamp each item, and the image looks great each time. Plus, we can even resize it!

The second page includes our welcome message, complete with a tribute to the memory of Stephen’s grandparents, plus a quick rundown of the church’s rules.

The next page displays a list of our wedding party members and church ceremony participants.

Spread out across two pages is the outline of our wedding liturgy. Though we considered printing the words to all of the readings, songs and prayers, we decided in the end that it would make the program too long and cumbersome.

Rounding out the last two pages of the program are The Irish Wedding Blessing, which will be read during the ceremony, plus a Celtic Marriage Promise that reflects our culture. Though not a part of the ceremony, the Celtic Marriage Promise and trinity symbol came in handy at the last minute when we realized we had an extra blank page to fill!

Are you designing your own programs, or will you go the pro route? How much detail will yours include?

(Photo Credits: Stephen Walrath)


  1. I designed our programs with the help of our custom stationery designer. I love how you were able to come up with something all on your own that truly reflects your style and the elements of your ceremony. I totally agree that it's not necessary to list all of the readings, prayers, etc. The only thing I listed was the words to the song that I walked down the aisle to...and that was on the back of the ceremony page.

    I think you've created something perfect. Congrats!

  2. Those are great! And such a great idea to scan a stamped image instead of re-inking over and over, though I do love playing with stamps :)

    You know you are getting close when the programs are done - so exciting!

  3. I'm DIY-ing our programs as well and I do mean DIY -ing since i've had no help with my bridesmaids spread all over the country. I really like yours and the different things you included. Mine will be kinda like the one that "My Dream Ring" made.

  4. I just want to let you know that you are the winner of my postcard giveaway. I have sent your info to Uprinting and they should be contacting you soon. Thank you very much for entering.

  5. They turned out great. I love that you included the Celtic Marriage Promise.

  6. Love the last two pages best!

    We didn't leave ourselves enough time for programs. Hopeless

  7. You have probably already seen ours; we did an order of service and although we didnt print the readings, we did have to print all the words to the songs / hymns so that everyone could sing along.

    On the last page we put the list of the wedding party so everyone would know who they were.

    Your programs look great; love the scanning the stamp plan, we did think about that for our invites but decided we wanted the inky bit but it would have been a great idea if we had wanted to put the image on some of our other stationery.