Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Program Allows Businesses and Wedding Vendors To Easily Support Wish Upon a Wedding

It's easier than ever to support Wish Upon a Wedding! Read on for details!

Wish Upon a Wedding, the world's first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization, is asking for the support of wedding vendors and industry professionals. This new organization, dubbed “The Wedding Industry’s Charity,” provides weddings for individuals facing life-threatening illness, at destinations across the United States, regardless of sexual orientation.

By donating just 1 percent of any sale (or percent of your profits from one event), you can help Wish Upon a Wedding grant these very special wishes. Participants will be recognized for their generosity with an "I Support the Wishing Well" badge.

Launched in January, the organization now receives new wedding wish requests on a weekly basis. Currently lacking the funds needed to bring long distance families together, these special celebrations may often be missing something (or someone). One of the organization’s goals is to fly up to four family members or loved ones to the weddings of every wish recipient, so they can spend a few days with those who matter most. There are many other expenses that Wish Upon a Wedding would like to cover, as well, but they need YOUR help.

Founder Liz Guthrie explains, “Many people facing life-threatening illness do not have the money or resources to plan a wedding. At last, the wedding industry has joined forces – and together we are making some incredibly special wedding wishes come true, by providing the celebration of one of life’s biggest milestones.” Guthrie adds, “No matter what the setting, Wish Upon a Wedding wants to provide everything necessary for these individuals, including making sure they are surrounded by their most special family and friends.”

It’s really easy! To participate, just visit the Wishing Well web page. As a supporter of the Wishing Well, participants will receive a custom-designed badge for their blogs or websites, that lets their clients and peers know that they support “The Wedding Industry’s Charity.” For information on other ways to help Wish Upon a Wedding, please visit the national website.

(Graphic Credit: Wish Upon a Wedding)

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