Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Grand Entrance: Signature Song Snippets

One of my favorite parts of any reception is always the special moment when the wedding party and parents first begin to make their dramatic entrance. The anticipation brings such a rush of excitement to the room, and these fun intros get the crowd all fired up for the bride and groom’s grand appearance.

To mix things up at our wedding, and to stretch this joyous moment just a bit longer than usual, we’ve decided that instead of having everyone enter to the same music, we’ll play a series of signature songs for the different members of our group. Prepping this list been lots of fun, from gathering everyone’s ideas to then reviewing the list with our DJ, who will have snippets of each song ready to go when the moment arrives.

I love our final picks below, as they truly reflect the personalities of our friends and family members, and help infuse even more personal touches into our wedding day.

Parents of the Bride
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” - Iz

Parents of the Groom
“Could I Have This Dance?” – Ann Murray

Maid of Honor
“Last Of The American Girls” – Green Day

Best Man
“Imperial March” – Star Wars

Groom’s Sisters
“Happy Feet” – Abbie Gardner

“I Will Follow” – Gilmore Girls Theme

“A Little Help From My Friends” – The Beatles

Bride & Groom
“Fly Me To The Moon” – Frank Sinatra

Are you doing a grand entrance? Which songs will you choose?


  1. We used a different song for each member of our wedding party...there were about 13 songs total and I will share them all once I hopefully have video from the wedding to post in a future recap :) I love your idea and think you picked some good selections.

  2. I LOVE this idea! The song choices are perfect. Good job!

  3. I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm going with classical music so it's more to my taste than personalized to each party member but I think for a modern wedding this is so much better than if you picked just one of those songs for everyone.

    Also, I tried to convince my fiance that Imperial March is very wedding-y. It's good to see someone out there is on my side with this one :D

  4. This is one part of us weddings that is quite different from the uk.

    After the ceremony we moved to the reception hotel where we had canapes and drinks and we did all the photos. After that we had a receiving line then everyone went and sat for dinner. The top table was piped in together then me and graham were piped in our on own and announced. We don't have announcements for the rest of the wedding party.

    I think the songs you have chosen are fab though.

    Also we had dinner, all the speeches then cut the cake before the band started for the dancing.

    Not long to go now!

  5. That sounds great. Love the songs you selected. We are still debating on Brazil, it is not a tradition to announce the wedding party. However, that is for sure a good idea.


  6. Ooh love the song selections and of course the perfect lead in to your first dance! We didn't do songs for the entrance but did the first dance shortly thereafter (technical difficulties made it a little hard!)

  7. Such a cool idea. Love all your choices too!