Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Wedding Gown: Treasure or ‘Trash’?

A couple weeks ago, I took part in a very spirited online “trash the dress” debate, where brides and newlyweds took turns hashing out both sides of the classic “do-or-don’t” debacle.

The discussion was tons of fun, and in all honesty, the controversy surrounding “trash the dress” is very surprising to me for one key reason. No matter what your views may be about trashing your own dress, each bride’s gown is just that – her own, to do with as she pleases, whether before or after the wedding day.

So, while I can definitely understand that plenty of brides don’t want to risk destroying their own gowns, I’m a bit puzzled as to why many feel so strongly that others should skip it, too. I mean, sure, it would be wonderful if every bride wanted to donate her gown to charity or find another way to reuse it, but just as with every area of life, people are different. And rather than let it sit tucked away in a closet for years to come, rarely seeing the light of day, many brides would rather get another day of fun out a gown they put so much thought and money into. What’s so bad about that?

Though I don’t plan to completely “trash” my dress with paint or anything of that sort, I’d love to do a casual “day-after” shoot at an offbeat spot like the beach or a theme park. Would the dress likely get damaged and dirty in the process? Probably. But in the end, what difference does it make? As it is, my dress is tucked away at my parents’ home in California, where I can’t even pull it out to look at.

Fellow brides, what are your thoughts? Will you or did you plan a “trash the dress” shoot after your wedding?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library)


  1. Even though my dress was less than $135 for the entire thing (and alterations!) I couldn't imagine ruining it. I do, however, LOVE TTD photos and I think that any bride who wants to should do it! (And then blog about their photos so I can live vicariously through it.)

  2. Totally agree with Hannah! Love the TTD photos as well :)

  3. I also love TTD photos, but couldn't really imagine doing a TTD shoot myself. I'm not sure why. I'm certainly not saving my gown for my future daughter or anything like that. I agree that it's totally up to the bride, and I would never judge a bride for participating in such a shoot. I think a "day after" or bridal shoot is a great idea. I am going to talk to my photog about possibly doing one after the wedding.

  4. I adore my dress and even though I know I won't wear it again or probably pass it on to anyone I can't imagine trashing it. But I'm also a sentimental pack rat who still has my prom dresses in a chest somewhere. haha.

  5. That was definitely a good debate! I agree that no one else should dictate what someone does with their dress. Just because you don't want to do that with your dress, doesn't mean another bride doesn't.

    I plan on doing a trash the dress session (as soon as I lose some weight to fit back into my dress), but nothing too crazy. I'll probably roll around in some grass and dirt and hop in a fountain or two.

  6. Our post ceremony pictures were almost as good as a TTD sesh considering that I dragged it around on the beach for a good 45 minutes! By the time I got bustled for the reception, my train was a filthy mess.

    I won't do anything else with it and I still haven't had it cleaned. There is still sand from T&C in the garment bag.

  7. My dress is also packed away at my mom's house and since I don't think we'll be able to afford a day after shoot like we wanted to do, I am not sure what to do with it now.

    I originally planned on selling it but I am afraid that when I take it out of the box (even after having it dry cleaned), it is not going to be in good enough condition for another wedding day :(

    And as much as I am dying to get more photos of us in it and at all the locations we missed at our venue on our wedding day, I just don't think there's any point in keeping it. So I'll have to figure it out.

    But regardless, I love the idea of selling or trashing it and if other brides don't like that, then that's their right...but each girl has her own choice to make and none is a wrong one since it is a personal decision.

  8. I LOVE seeing other trash the dress shoots, but I doubt I'd do one. I don't even think I'd do a day after shoot unless for some reason, I didn't like my photographs from the actual wedding. I think we'll get enough pics of me in my dress on wedding day, and for me, I don't see it being worth spending the extra money.

    But like I said, the shoots are fun to look at online and if some one wants to go that route, it's their perogative!

  9. I love looking at TTD photos, and did one in a cheap dress I got off of ebay! I'm planning to sell my real dress at some point, so didn't want to trash that.

    Can't wait to see what your day after shoot will look like if you do it!

  10. Of course what others do is their own business. But when I say I'm against TTD shoots, I mean for myself. And part of the reason is the idea of waste. So when I see others' TTD shoots, I cringe and don't care for them. Of course others can do what they like, but when someone asks me "well why not," I don't have a problem making my reasons known. :)

  11. To each her own. My dress(es) were both lace so it would have broken my heart to seen them torn (and I looked for alencon lace forever). I wouldn't have minded getting them dirty though.

    I love those TTD shots in the water though. Too bad there were no bodies of water nearby out wedding!

  12. No way - I could never do that. Trash the dress pictures are awesome, but I would rather stare from afar than participate!

  13. I cant imagine trashing mine since I paid so much for it and always wanted to keep it but can totally understand why people would.

    After all when I eventually get mine cleaned; its just going to sit in a box!

    I would love to do another photoshoot with it on but dont think I will.