Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don’t You Know What Day This Is?

“While they were taking my order, I just wanted to ask, don’t you know what day this is?” my mom joked with me, my sister, and our hair and makeup stylists as she returned from her Starbucks run the morning of the wedding.

As excited as I was that day, if there was anyone even more pumped up, it would have been my mom. And with good reason! Between planning a wedding from across the country and balancing a busy schedule to boot, I would have been lost without my mom’s constant help and support. Did I need something picked up? My mom was there to handle it. Help reaching out to vendors early on? Mom was quick to assist. And finding a place to store all our DIY and store-bought treasures until the big day? Don’t even get me started.

Yes, this was definitely her day, too, and in light of that, I wanted to make her feel special by treating her to a little pampering. But, as a simple and humble gal, my mom doesn’t like to be fussed over. Professional makeup? Maybe. Manicure and pedicure? No thanks. And hairstyling? This freaked her out big time, and she was especially adamant about doing it herself.

But then, on the wedding day, the curls my mom tried to create in her own hair just didn’t turn out quite right, and she started to worry. As she watched my stylist Jana prettify me and the girls, I could see that she wished she’d agreed to have her own hair styled, too.

Wanting to make sure she was happy, I immediately talked to Jana. Not only did she agree to squeeze my mom in, but she agreed to do so for no additional fee. “Listen,” she told my mom. “You’re the mother of the bride today. In about a month, I’ll be the mother of the bride, too. So, don’t worry!”

In addition to being generous, Jana was very patient, making sure my mom was happy with everything she did, and that my mom wasn’t forced into anything too over-the-top. Of course, she came out looking gorgeous and feeling great, which continued throughout the evening while she danced the night away!

After the wedding, I was quick to send Jana a “thank you” card. In it, I thanked her for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day, but especially thanked her for making my mom feel as special and important as she deserved.

How do you hope to make your mom, grandmother, or another VIP lady feel special on the wedding day?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography & Personal Library)


  1. Your mom is so cute! She sounds a lot like my mom - very selfless, but doesn't take the time to pamper herself. My mom's best friend told her she should have her makeup done by my MUA. I offered this up to her awhile ago, and she declined, but now she's interested in professional makeup. I want her to look and feel pretty. Even though she and I have our (many) disagreements, I know she is my number one fan.

    I'm so glad your stylist was able to squeeze her in. That's a great vendor!

  2. That was so awesome of your stylist to squeeze your mom in! Vendors like that make the world of difference on a stressful day! You and your mom look so much alike!

  3. It's little things like that that make a good vendor fantastic. I'm sure you and your mom will be recommending your stylist for years to come.

  4. That is the coolest thing! I love your hair stylist...that's the way it should be. And so glad it worked out for your mom who by the way, looks just like you and looked fabulous on the day! How fun that she was so excited...it makes it so much better for you!

  5. Awww so sweet! I made sure my mom's spa stuff was covered on my wedding day also, but your stylist sounds like she was WAY better than the woman we were stuck with at the resort.

  6. That's so sweet that your mom got to be included at the last minute! Sounds like you had a wonderful vendor in your stylist!

  7. So nice that they were able to fit your mum in!