Monday, July 19, 2010

Around The World In 30 Minutes

When I first suggested heading to Gardens of the World for our “first look” and pre-ceremony photos, I got a lot of pushback from family and friends about the idea. It would be too hot. We would end up rushing. Wouldn’t the pictures at the church and reception site be enough? And by the time we got there on the wedding day, I was starting to think that maybe they’d been right all along.

First, we arrived 30 minutes later than expected, and I worried we wouldn’t have enough time to visit many of the areas I'd hoped to. Second, to say that the staff member working with us was less than friendly would be a gross understatement. Not only did she speak to us and to our photographer, who has shot professionally at this site in the past, as though we were children who needed a laundry list of “behavioral” reminders, she actually had the nerve to look around the room and ask, “And who’s the bride?” so that she could give me paperwork to sign. I mean, seriously, who do you think is the bride? The only woman in the room wearing a white lace gown and a tiara, maybe? Geez.

But just when I started to get irritated and think it was all going to be a big bust, we headed out onto the beautiful grounds, and I knew without a doubt that we’d made the right decision. During our 30-minute trip around the world, we got some of the most fun shots of the day, and made some of the greatest memories. Here, a few highlights of the places we traveled to.

A Spanish mission in California…

A serene pond in Japan…

A lovely rose garden in England…

And a beautiful fountain site nestled in the Mediterranean countryside…

Where will you take pre-ceremony photos? Will you visit a site other than your venue at any point during the wedding day?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library & Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. Wow. Those are some really cool pictures.

    Who's the bride? Seriously?!?

  2. Beautiful! Love the rose garden shot - it rally looks like you are in England :) We are doing a first look, but we'll keep at the photos at our venue and just arrive two hours early for them - there is not a lot around the winery, and it provides a gorgeous backdrop of the vineyards and the East Bay hills.

    I'm glad it all worked out for you because you got some amazing shots! And the woman who works there was obviously jealous and/or bitter ;)

  3. What a cool location, I wish we had something like that around here. It would have been nice to have time to go into DC to get some neat shots but logistically it wouldn't work. Fortunately I think our venue had really pretty grounds that helped us get some nice pictures.

  4. That's annoying that the person at the gardens was so rude. But the pictures came out really well! We're sticking to our venue, because we're having a daytime wedding and there won't be time to leave the grounds. But there are gardens for us to take pictures in so it'll work out great. I just hope the fall folliage is out by the time our wedding comes because that's what I love most about the fall.

  5. Who's the bride? For realz? Since our original idea was to marry in the park, I'm determined to get my shots outside and we can't decide between two parks. They're both so gorgeous.

    Your pictures are amazing. That's such a cool idea to have all the different backgrounds.

  6. Those are so pretty! What a neat idea!! I'm pretty sure we're going to get our pictures taken at the Clark Botanic Garden on Long Island.

  7. Oh my gosh, gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! This definitely looks like the coolest place I've ever seen to have photos taken!

  8. These pictures (and the poses) are amazing! I am so freaking jealous. Even though we got some great shots from our wedding day, whenever I see lots of different poses and locations like this I get so ridiculously jealous since I feel like our photog let us down in this area :(

    You had great weather and amazing locations. How cool! That is exactly why I picked the venue I did...because it offered so many unique photo locations...unfortunately, we missed half of them :(

    And what an idiot for asking who the bride was! DUH!

  9. I love the Japanese Pond and the English Garden! So beautiful!

  10. "Who is the bride??" hahahahha
    Those pictures are gorgeous !!! 30-minutes well spent :-).


  11. Here in Philadelphia, a lot of wedding and engagement pics are taken in LOVE Park (with the famous LOVE statue) or with the other LOVE statue located on Penn's Campus.