Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Wedding Day…Live!

Those who know me also know I’m a media maven. From getting my undergraduate degree in journalism to blogging to constantly checking email, Facebook and CNN on my iPhone, I love being in-the-know and staying connected. On the other hand, I also know how to turn it off and kick back. After all, a girl needs some downtime.

Given my best-of-both-worlds outlook, it took me a while to decide how “connected” I wanted to be throughout the wedding day. Did I want to blog live? Shoot out Facebook and Twitter updates? Or did I want to unplug and just take in the day?

In the end, the hectic nature of the wedding – from the prep time to the final dance – made the choice for me. After blogging live first at our rehearsal dinner, which you can see me doing in the picture above, and then once the next morning while getting my hair done, I cast aside my beloved iPhone in exchange for something much more tantalizing – my wedding dress. And I didn’t pick it back up again until later that night, after all the festivities had finally drawn to a close.

Though part of me wishes I could have blogged more, in the end, I’m glad things worked out the way they did. Instead of taking time out to focus on my phone, I was fully in the moment, enjoying my day and my once-in-a-lifetime moment with Stephen. But, that said, a quick wedding night blog check never hurt anyone, right? LOL!

Do you plan to be “live” on your wedding day?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library & Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. My 'maids took the phone from me so I could spend the day unwinding and not worrying. Of course, I did get a few minutes in all the hustle to sit down and blog quickly... I know it sounds crazy but while my gals were getting their dresses on and the photog was setting something up - it was a great distraction and release.
    So much nervous excitement feels good to burn off!

  2. I didn't blog on my wedding day and I don't use Twitter. I did update my FB that morning and again late that night after we got back to the hotel and were still too wound up to sleep. We both changed our relationship status at like 2am.

  3. I loved your wedding day posts, but doubt I'll do any of my own. I am basically a huge technophobe . . . I have no idea how to blog from my iphone, and I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account. I think I'll be too busy to write posts, though I do plan to read blogs from my iphone that day if there's a break :)

  4. I secretly hoped you'd do that! Blogging can be done at any time, but you have one shot at your wedding. I was glad to see a little blogging hiatus as you experienced your wedding and honeymoon!

  5. I didn't and was totally fine with enjoying my time! My husband was DJ though and when changing music, guests thought he was on facebook!

  6. I don't plan on blogging on tweeting. I just want to be in the moment on my wedding day! But it's fun to read other brides' updates during their days, but I can see how it's hard to keep up with it, with everything else happening.

  7. I was the exact same way! I managed to mobile blog and tweet in the morning on our wedding day, but once we got to the ceremony location, I had too much else going on. I'm actually really glad I left my phone in the bridal suite all night though, I didn't have any time to spare typing on my cell, partying was much more important!

  8. I shared about 3 picture posts on my blog early in the morning of the wedding day and totally wanted to do this throughout the day, but as you said, time and the activities of the day dictated that it wasn't possible. However, I wish I would have asked a friend to hold onto my phone and shoot pictures and quick blog updates throughout the day for me. But I thought I could handle it myself. :)

  9. I didnt blog on the day at all; think my last post was on the wed before the wedding then just twitter the night before.

    There was far too much else going on to think about it!

    It may have been nice to share a pic in the morning when I was ready but I loved that I could do an im married post when we were on the first day of our honeymoon instead.