Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reception Décor & More

After over a year of planning and prepping, walking into the venue to see our vision brought to life was one of the many incredible highlights of our wedding day. Once again, our team of vendors absolutely shined, with everyone working together to not only meet our expectations, but to truly wow us on top of that. Here, a few of the elements that made for a beautiful reception.

Our DIY escort cards looked so pretty when arranged in front of the golf club’s indoor fountain, flanked on each side by bunches of grapes.

At each dinner table, our postcard table names and wine-bottle holders were a huge hit with guests. Plus, they matched up perfectly with the romantic centerpieces and floral votives created by Lei-Ann at Happy Flowers.

The staff at Los Robles Greens, along with Cari from All Occasions Event Planning, tied everything together to create just the simple yet classy vibe we’d imagined.

Our white chocolate favors, photo-share cards, and puzzles greeted guests as they took their seats.

The cake table, decorated with fresh rose petals, our custom knife, server and flutes, as well as pearl-studded “I Do” letters from Creative Custom Cardboxes, looked absolutely gorgeous. In the first photo above, photographer Alex even captured a creative shot of our invitation balanced between the two glasses.

Though we didn’t spend much time actually sitting there, I loved our sweetheart table, which was decorated with petals and our lovely bouquets.

The dance floor, featuring our custom decal, was packed throughout the night.

LESSON LEARNED: If you can, take a moment to walk throughout your dinner venue as a couple, while your guests are still enjoying the cocktail hour, so that you have a chance to fully see the room decorated and your vision brought to life. Once dinner starts, everything will likely be so fast-paced and crazy that you won’t have another chance to take it all in before things start getting moved around, used up, and so on.

(Photo Credits: Personal Library & Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. Everything looks amazing, and I just LOVE your table numbers. Everything came together really well - I'm glad your photog got so many detail shots of the reception room.

  2. You got some great detail shots! Some of my favorite pictures of our wedding were the detail shots. You did a great job putting all those little touches together. I love the cake table!

    We saw the room finished before the guests did and you're right it's definitely a great idea to see it before guests come in and mess up the tables. haha.

  3. Everything turned out great! What a wonderful moment it would be to see the room before everyone else as husband and wife.. all of your hardwork brought to life :)

  4. Everything looks so elegant ! Love the colours you chose as well !

  5. It looks wonderful from the postcards to the cake table!

  6. Everything looks so beautifully decorated! I love it all! and what a great tip! Mr. Milk and I will definitely do that!

  7. It did indeed all come together so wonderfully. I love your escort card photo and the cake table! So great.

    We also walked around the room for a second before the guests came in and our videographer caught a few moments of us looking around - I'll share in the future. It's such a great tip. Even with checking out the room beforehand, I don't remember what it looked like in my memory :) And I missed out on seeing a lot of things like the escort cards, memorial table, and a few other things I wish I would have seen and taken note of.

  8. Love your decor!! Looks like everything came together beautifully!

  9. I really loved your cake table. Just beautiful!

  10. Wow. Those white chocolate hearts with the ribbons are divine.

  11. Such lovely details! I love the purple everywhere since it's my fav color. I definitely want to peek into our reception room before the other guests get there.

  12. The I DO letters really looked lovely on your cake table! We'd love to show off these pics on our website! Shoot me an email at with a few pictures and i'd love to blog about your wedding as a 'real wedding'!

    Marni Gold
    Creative Custom Card Boxes

  13. All of your details turned out so beautifully! And that's a really great tip to take time to walk through and look at everything during the cocktail hour, I really wish we'd had a chance, but inefficient family photos made us miss our whole cocktail hour.