Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Summer Sweet Pea Wedding

I’ve always loved the smell of sweet peas, and knew early on that this would be the perfect light and romantic scent to wear on my wedding day. Never a huge fan of perfume, I instead went with a rich body butter cream, which helped the scent linger throughout the day, while leaving my skin soft and hydrated for photos.

And the best part? I got my sweet-smelling cream as a gift from a family friend a few months ago, just in time to give it a test run or two!

Are you wearing a special perfume or scent on your wedding day?

(Photo Credit: Google Images)


  1. I hadn't even thought about that. I'm also not a perfume person so i'll have to look into alternatives. I usually use body spray after a shower or bath but I don't know if i'll use it. Good thing to think about, thanks.

  2. LOVE Sweet Pea. I never buy scents for myself (allergies) but I got a set at the bridal shower and I love it! Its in my purse to go with me everywhere now!

    I wore a very light fresh Escada scent. It was a Christmas gift from Pete this year and we all agreed that it smelled beautiful and fresh.

  3. Sweet peas & their smell are gorgeous.

    My mum and granny had them in their bouquets which I would have had except I couldnt get them in April.

    I wore a body lotion and perfume of the same scent to make it last longer, j'adore by CD.