Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wedding Ring Bling for the Groom?

My fiancé Stephen is by far the most easygoing and patient man I’ve ever met. Calm and organized, he knows what he wants and gets things done without a lot of stress or indecisiveness.

Picking out his wedding band was no exception. While we considered a few different ring styles with diamonds, etchings and engravings, my future husband ultimately chose a traditional 5 mm yellow gold ring in the style his father has always worn.

The ring is classic and timeless, suiting his style perfectly. I love its simplicity.

Here, several styles we considered…

And the winner…

What type of ring does your groom have his eye on?

(Photo Credits: Zales & Jared)


  1. Classy. Like your groom, Mr Milk got himself a simple band. He didn't want any bling on it even though I think it would have looked nice. I still love the ring he picked

  2. We are trying to pick out something now. He likes both the yellow gold and tungsten type rings. I like the ring your guy picked out :) Very classic!

  3. I love the choice. I think Eric would have worn his dads if it hadn't been lost a few months before he passed. Great choice!

  4. I like the first and third ring styles. I just hope my fiance doesn't lose his ring. Lol.

  5. We just picked up Mr Fix It's ring this past Saturday. I'll have to post a pic of it now that we have it in hand. But of course, it wasn't a task without it's drama...my guy is just such a pain when it comes to shopping! He always thinks he should have gotten a better deal and he questions the integrity of the seller almost always...thinks most of them are shady for some reason. He's such a nightmare about big ticket purchases like these. (sigh)

  6. I like that he picked out so many different options and the winner is such a classic style. Good choice! :) M is set on tungsten. I have to get it for him soon!

  7. What a lovely timeless choice.

    Mr B ended up going with a titanium band from etsy. Silver with a thin white gold strip through the middle.

  8. very classy! My fiance chose something similar, only in Tungsten, I blogged about it a while back if you want to see it!