Friday, December 11, 2009

Sure, You Know Your Groom, But Just How Well?

Searching for a fun way to kill time during our holiday trips, I picked up the silly-but-cute Do You Know Your Bride? and Do You Know Your Groom? quiz books I’ve seen a couple other bloggers recommend.

Filled with some semiserious questions (Which older couple does your bride look to as a role model for your marriage?) and some totally wacky ones (Does she ever eat something straight from the freezer that should be defrosted?), these quizzes will test just how many random facts you and your husband-to-be know about each other.

And for only about $6 per book, they’re a pretty inexpensive way to have fun and get a laugh. The only problem? We’ll probably go through all the questions before it’s even time for our trips!

Have you played these or any other fun bride and groom games?

(Photo Credits: Barnes & Noble)


  1. Ohh I might need to get these! Thanks!!

  2. We had a good time with these books! I posted about them a while back too. We used them as a game with another couple one evening and that was fun too!

  3. These are fun! Great for a road trip together.

    We got "Saving Your Marriage before It Starts: 7 Questions to Ask Before Your Marry". It's super serious and it took me and my fiance deep into uncharted water re: our attitudes towards sex, family, money...I highly recommend it!

  4. Looks like fun! I might have to get these before our flight home for Christmas!