Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Décor Daydreams

Before I got carried away looking at these gorgeous ceremony site designs by our florist and others, there were a few things I tried to keep in mind.

First, I asked myself, am I having an outdoor wedding? No, I am not.

Second, I thought, will our church allow flower petals to be scattered down the aisle? No, they absolutely will not.

So, third, does it make much sense for me to bother daydreaming about these things? Without a doubt, no.

But am I doing it anyway? You bet!

What are your ceremony décor ideas? Is there anything you wish you could do that just isn’t allowed?

(Photo Credits: Los Robles Greens Golf Course)


  1. I love the way petals look scattered down the aisle. At first, I didn't want any, but I found a great photo that inspired me to do it. Sometimes it can be torture looking at stuff you can't use or can't do, but it's still fun to see. I do it too :)

  2. I love all these pics and would do exactly as you are doing - looking around for hours even at things I can't have:)

  3. They are very pretty aren't they. I really wanted candles on the tables, but it's a fire hazard at our venue!

  4. You don't have to daydream anymore!

    Petal Happy (Http:// solves problem number 2: Your church allowing flower petals to be scattered down the aisle - b/c our hand made pre-petalled aisle runners unravel and roll up just like regular runners, affording you the ability to pre-set them or unroll just before the bride's entrance without any mess, clean up or fuss.

    They are great for indoor / Outdoor weddings & blank canvas spaces, so check us out.