Saturday, December 19, 2009

The iPhone: My Ultimate On-the-Go Wedding Organizer

As all you busy brides know, it’s no small feat juggling our careers and classes – not to mention our social lives – while also planning a wedding. To make my life easier (and because he was probably just a bit tired of my constantly borrowing his – LOL), Stephen recently suggested I get an iPhone. After having it a couple months, all I can say is, WHY didn’t I think of this sooner?

Now, when I’m on the run or traveling, I can easily access our wedding website, keep up with all of your fun blogs, and even watch my favorite wedding-planning TV shows. Our vendor contacts, to-do lists, appointments, inspirational photos, music and maps are right at my fingertips, too.

Of course, the first thing I did after getting the phone in my hands was scour the web for suggestions about the best iPhone apps to help a time-crunched bride. Check out a few of the fun picks I’m already trying or plan to download ASAP!

Brides Dressing Room (Free)

Browse wedding gowns and bridesmaids' dresses by designer, style, price and more. See something you like? Use the “Find It Near Me” tool to find the dress at a local store. You can even set up an appointment to stop in and try it on!

Wedding 911 by The Knot (Free)

Using a fun Q&A format, The Knot answers all your must-ask questions about fashion, beauty, budget, bridesmaids…you name it!

Tag Reader (Free)

I love this innovative Microsoft app, which I tested out with my copy of Get Married magazine. By simply snapping shots of the tag logos included with many of the magazine’s ads, I was linked right to additional info, including video footage and websites. Definitely a time saver!

Nike & iPod (Included on iPhone 3GS)

This app will help me revamp my bridal shapeup routine by programming and logging workouts based on the desired time, distance or calorie burn. It also lets users track their history and access workout playlists. Don’t have it on your phone? Nike and other fitness groups offer similar apps.

Wedding Day ($0.99)

Check out this just-for-fun app that counts down the remaining time until the big day in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds. After the wedding, it will start tallying how long we’ve been married!

Waltz, Your Wedding Dance (Free)

While definitely no substitute for professional dance lessons, this Ballroom Dance Channel app is a fun way to test your skill with a basic beginner’s waltz step.

Bible (Free)

The name says it all. This is a quick reference from to help make ceremony planning a snap.

Gotta Etsy ($0.99)

Tons of goodies just a click away!

Wedding Dash Lite (Free)

This cute game from PlayFirst, Inc. lets players plan and carry out a couple’s perfect big day by fine-tuning the details and avoiding pitfalls. The “lite” version offers five levels of play for free.

And what about you? Any favorite apps or tech-savvy wedding-planning tips to share?

(Photo Credits: Apple & Macworld)


  1. Nice! Which wedding shows do you watch on your iphone? This could be dangerous for me . . .

  2. I know what you mean, PartyPlannerGal! The iPhone is addicting! :) So far, I’ve mostly downloaded episodes of Get Married, Say Yes to the Dress, and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? through iTunes. I especially love being able to watch them while I’m on long flights!

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  4. I freakin love my iPhone and those are some of the same apps that I have downloaded too. Its kind of sad though because I can't go anywhere without my beloved iPhone anymore. Makes me wonder how I ever lived without it. hehe