Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bridesmaids Playing Dress-Up

How many wedding gowns did I go through before making a choice? Surprisingly, not nearly as many as I thought I would. But picking out a dress for my maids? Now, that was the hard part!

When I first started keeping an eye out for bridesmaid dresses (which I’ll admit was during my pre-engaged days), I was crazy about some of the short, sassy designs by Mori Lee.

But when I actually saw them in person, they seemed too informal for our church ceremony, and also weren’t a good match with my dress. (More to come about that very soon!) It was on to “Plan B.” With my sister, who’s my maid of honor, being a great sport, we scouted around tons of different shops, including David’s Bridal, where she tried on a couple other styles.

But neither of them stood out as “the one.” Finally, after lots more indecisiveness, we struck gold at a store carrying dresses by one of my all-time favorite designers, Alfred Angelo. There, Kellie graciously got in and out of a few more gowns, telling me what she loved and hated, until we both fell in love with this beauty.

Not only do I love how elegant the gown looks in rich grape, but the beadwork and white embroidery on the sash also add just the right touches of embellishment. And with added spaghetti straps, the dress has turned out to be a flattering pick for all seven of my maids, despite their different heights and body types.

Did you and your bridesmaids consider many different dresses before making a decision? Are your girls all wearing the same dress, or are you letting them choose their own gowns in a certain color or style?

(Photo Credits: Mori Lee, David’s Bridal & Alfred Angelo)


  1. Luckily I only have one attendant...just my Maid of Honor and I pretty much let her pick what she wanted, lol.

    I LOVE the dress you picked out though!! The color is gorgeous!

  2. The color and the cut of the dress are lovely! I'm letting my girls pick out their own, non-matching, chocolate brown dresses. I am really digging the non-matched look right now!

  3. The maids dresses are definitely the hardest ones. I like the one you chose. Especially the sash.

  4. funny how things change! i too was eyeing the short dresses early on! :)

  5. I love Afred Angelo. The last bridesmaid dress I wore was from there and its still my favorite. I go back and forth on the dress issue all the time. I've heard so many bad things about Davids Bridal but that is where I am getting the dresses from because of the convenience and my procrastination skills. Good pick on the dress by the way. I love that color (wink wink)

  6. I love that color! It's so rich and beautiful!

  7. 7 girls all in the same dress? That's definitely a challenge! I had such a hard time choosing one that 5 girls with different body types could wear. We stayed with David's because the girls live all over the place and wouldn't have been able to try the dress on in person if I just chose something here in NYC. I think the dress you chose looks fabulous, though, and I love the color.

  8. Wow that last dress is really lovely.

    I let my fussy sister pick the girls dresses and the colour. I want them to be happy, and luckily her pick made me happy too!

  9. I love the top dress so much! And the one you chose! So pretty and funny that's the SAME color of the one I chose for my girls! How cool is that!!?! I went with a long one because the shorter dresses all look so different on the girls, it's weird how they can just look so good on one person and so bad on another. I love your choice!