Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jewel Tones in June?

I’ve always been a lover of rich purple shades, so when I started envisioning our wedding colors, an elegant combination of grape, white and silver immediately sprang to mind.

Then, we decided to get married during June, and I had second thoughts. After all, jewel and metallic tones seem more often associated with the crispness of winter than the early days of summertime. For a while, I considered switching to a lighter, more summery mix – maybe turquoise and light brown, or lavender instead of grape.

But the more I thought, the more I loved my original picks, regardless of what the calendar might say – especially after I discovered Alfred Angelo's gorgeous purple bridesmaid dresses.

In the end, I’ll probably add accent touches of lavender or lilac for contrast and variety. I’ll keep you posted about my final choices down the road, but for now, here are a few fun finds that have caught my eye.

What do you think? Did the season of your wedding help influence your choice of color scheme?

(Photo Credits: Bridesmaid Dress – Alfred Angelo; Satin Ring Box -; Purple Cocktail Napkin –; Paradise Passion Tealight Holder –; Colorful Circle Stickers –; With a Flourish – Candy Purple Wedding Invitation –


  1. So cool! I love it, you know why? Because that grape color is the same exact color I will be using for our wedding! That grape color and amber colors is where I am going with it. I know I will be marrying in August but I think since it's in the evening it will work out great. Also, I'm getting the Bridesmaid dresses from there in the grape! I love your choices, can't wait to hear more!

  2. I think your colors sound wonderful! It's your wedding, so I say do what makes you happy and don't let the season dictate your choice.

  3. I love purple as well and am going for the purple, gold, ivory colors for my wedding! Great minds like purple!

  4. I think that purple is divine! And that dress is so lovely. Great choice.

  5. We're getting married in May, and I know spring is supposed to be all about pastels, but I just wasn't into it. I love the pop of the contrast between white and a bold color, like red, navy, or plum.

    So even though lavendar would probably be more "appropriate" for the season, I'm so happy to be going with plum for my color -- the contrast looks great together!