Thursday, December 17, 2009

I’m Dreaming of a…Cute Rehearsal Dress!

Though I admit it would be fun to change into a short, sassy reception dress, I’m so psyched about my gown that I plan to spend every possible minute of my wedding day wearing it.

As for the rehearsal and dinner, I had that all planned out, too, thinking I’d stick with a black and gold dress I already own and love. But, of course, that would just be too easy! No, I had to go and discover Alfred Angelo’s “Little White Dress” collection, including this gorgeously elegant pick, which is 100 percent my style.

The price code on the website says the dress is under $300. What do you think, ladies? Is it worth it? Would you or did you spend that much on a rehearsal dress? Will you be changing into a separate dress for the reception?

Oh, decisions, decisions…

(Photo Credit: Alfred Angelo)


  1. I tried on this dress and really loved it. I would have bought it if not for the sash ( I, personally, am not a sash girl, but it is a nice sash.)

    P.S. It made my breasts and legs looks killer, which is all I care about it.

  2. I think it's lovely, and yes, I would definitely spend $300 on a Rehearsal Dinner dress. I usually splurge on dresses, since well-made, classic ones will last forever. Get it!

  3. Really cute. Love the pop of color!

  4. I think you should go for it if you can afford it! I love that the sash is in your colors!

  5. I would totally wear that! I'm probably not going with a new dress for the rehearsal dinner just because the wedding is getting to be more and more expensive every day, but if I can afford one, it will definitely be a little white dress of some kind.