Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Wedding Day Filled With ‘Wrath’

Although joy and excitement filled our day from start to finish, I’d be lying if I said the wedding didn’t include, literally, one “wrath”-inducing experience. I’m talking about the misspelling of our last name at the reception venue.

The team at Los Robles Greens truly wowed us with an amazing party, but there was one big mistake they made – adding an extra “w” in the middle of Stephen’s last name on the chalkboard that welcomed guests to the site. Can you say, oops?

Was I mad at first? Yeah. But in the end, I managed to laugh it off, and even enjoyed the jokes everyone made about my transitioning from having one of the most common last names imaginable, to a lifetime of constant misspellings, mispronunciations, and misunderstandings. In a strange way, it made me feel that I was now truly a part of the family, able to commiserate with everyone else about how they’d spelled “our” name wrong.

Plus, with just a few flicks of techy magic, photographer Alex was able to fix the problem in our batch of photos.

Have you run into any problems like this with your last name? Were there any wedding day mishaps that would usually have upset you, but that you just laughed off in the end?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. This is great! So funny :)

    Although our caterer was amazing and had awesome food they really didn't listen to a lot of directions and they TOTALLY forgot about the escort cards. Yea. I know.

    I laughed it off though. What was I really going to do about it?

  2. Haha! That's funny. Good for you for getting over it quickly and focusing on the positives of the evening. And there is very little that Photoshop can't fix!

  3. Our photographers labeled all our photos with the wrong but more common spelling of our last name which we found funny. Granted the only people that saw this mistake were those that saw the actual photos sent directly from the photographers. My MIL and FIL told me to get use to it because while our last name is pretty common the spelling of it is not so we have to constantly correct people.

  4. Whoa I'm impressed by those photoshop skills! It was definitely better for you to laugh over it. I understand this all to well--people mispronounce my name all the time.

  5. That sucks...but props to you for laughing it off and not letting it ruin the day! :)

  6. That's pretty funny...thank goodness for photo shop. It really irks me whenever someone spells my name wrong. Especially at weddings. And I think one person came up to me at our wedding and said I misspelled their name and I was horrified! I profusely apologized but I think it was just one of my 16 year old cousins so I wasn't too worried about it. Typo.

    My last name went from super easy Campbell to stupid Beever. Most people think of the animal and spell it Beaver...ugh! Hate the name still freaks me out.

  7. I would have been a little upset about that too, on the day of, but it sounds like it's something you can laugh about now! And photoshop is seriously a miracle program!

  8. Aww thats funny.

    I would have been upset too I think but as you say photoshop can fix anything and funny to look at now!