Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Day Countdown Revisited: Top 10 Moments (Part One)

Back when I still had 100 days to go until my walk down the aisle, I shared the 10 special wedding day moments I was most looking forward to. How did they shape up now that all is said and done? Read on!

#1 -- Finally stepping into the gown of my dreams, with my mom and sister right there beside me to share the moment

Looking back, things got a little rushed as the time suddenly started to slip away more and more quickly that afternoon, but the anticipation and build-up alone made this such an exciting moment.

#2 -- Glancing in the mirror and seeing myself as a “bride” for the first time.

Honestly, I don’t even remember my first glance in the mirror, though I’m sure I must have looked! After slipping into the dress, I was way too excited and eager to join my bridesmaids, who had all gathered in the next room. The girls made it even more fun by cheering and clapping as I made my entrance!

#3 -- Our private “first look,” shared only with each other, our photographer, and our videographer

I loved our “first look,” though it didn’t feel as private as I’d hoped, since I really couldn’t shut out the presence of the photographer and videographer. Plus, I could sense our wedding party watching us through the tinted windows of the room where they stood waiting! Still, it was a beautiful moment that helped both Stephen and I feel much more relaxed.

#4 -- Joining the rest of the wedding party to take pre-ceremony photos and video footage at the beautiful Gardens of the World

This site was truly incredible, and though we were only there about half an hour, some of my favorite pictures from the day came out of this shoot. The entire wedding party had a blast thanks to Alex, our fun and hilarious photographer.

#5 -- Walking down the aisle to the processional tune from The Sound of Music, with my mom and dad at my side

This was the most surreal moment of the day for me, and one of the few moments when I actually had tears in my eyes. And guess what? I don’t remember hearing the song at all! I recall hearing music playing in the background, but for all I know, the pianist could have been pounding out “Yankee Doodle” or something equally silly. This is one experience I can’t wait to watch back on video!

Married ladies, did your most-anticipated moments work out the way you’d planned? Engaged girls, which big day experiences are you most looking forward to?

(Photo Credits: Damien Smith Photography & Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. Thanks for the review. It's so nice to hear how those special moments turned out for you.

  2. I love that you are sharing photos that reflect your special moments! I am most looking forward to saying our vows to one another. I keep dreaming about it every single day! That will definitely be the highlight for me :)

  3. My most anticipated moment was walking down the aisle and seeing Kristian for the first time and it definitely lived up to expectations. I got really emotional right beforehand and I loved seeing the look on his face and how happy/emotional he was. Definitely a favorite moment!

  4. This is such a fabulous post. I love this idea. And I totally relate:

    1) My mom was in the stylist's chair while my sister and BM's got me dressed. It was total chaos. It took quite a while to get me into that thing.

    2) I honestly do not remember ever looking in a mirror either. There are some photos of me looking in mirrors, but I don't remember actually 'seeing' myself and doing any type of evaluation. If I had, I would have had my stylist do up my hair a bit more. It was too simple for my liking in photos.

    3) Our first look didn't go quite as I anticipated it might. But I still loved it. Looking back, I think there's just way too much hype for brides who 'think' about what each different aspect of their day will be. We need to not imagine it so much and be excited for the spontaneous and unknown!

    4) I was not happy with how our bridal party photo session went. Though we had a few fun moments, it just didn't seem to flow right with our photog. He didn't really know how to mesh with the goofy personalities of our bridal party and how to 'move' us so that we would get more candid and fun photos.

    5) I agree that I did not hear the song playing as I walked down the aisle at all. I was singing to it in the verses leading up to my walk, but once I started walking, everything seemed to be fast...and SILENT! :) Probably a good thing since my sister said the only time she got choked up was when that song was playing as I walked down the aisle.

  5. Great post! Looking forward to the next 5 ! :)

  6. I am looking forward to the look on my sister and aunts' faces when they see me "all brided up" for the first time!

  7. We did a first look too and I didnt even know that our guests were watching us from inside!! Later in photos and the video I saw them watching us...and then I noticed we actually kissed during the first look...lol! The walk down the aisle and the first look and being in the dress and seeing my whole look together and seeing our whole wedding look put together...it was such a great feeling! :) And getting to say I DO!!! ♥

  8. PS I love all these pictures! You were such a beautiful bride and sweet couple!

  9. oh my gosh, you used the sound of music! love it!!

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