Friday, August 20, 2010

Ceremony Design & Décor

Even though our ceremony wasn’t without a couple mishaps -- the processional starting while I was in the restroom and the priest skipping over my sister’s reading -- it was still beautiful, both in the words we spoke and the décor that filled the church.

Here, a quick glimpse into Saint Paschal Baylon, decorated in our signature “less is more” style.

Our DIY tissue packets were a hit with guests and incredibly easy to make. A couple months before the wedding, we picked up a box of tissue packets and placed an order for custom business cards, each featuring a different shot of us on the front and back. Once they arrived, we taped one photo to each pack, alternating as we went.

Then, to display them on the big day, we selected a basket at Michaels and tied plastic dollar-store grape bunches to each side. Fun and simple! Plus, our coordinator expertly thought to place the leftovers in the women's restroom during the reception.

A custom blowup of our favorite engagement photo, courtesy of Damien Smith Photography, greeted guests from a cloth-draped easel at the entrance to the aisle. Our coordinator later moved the photo to the reception site to display throughout the evening, as well.

Stephen's mother and sister created beautiful handmade pew bows that lined the aisle and added just a touch of decoration in a church with strict regulations.

Photographer Alex captured our DIY programs as they sat atop the welcome table.

Elegant and romantic floral arrangements, crafted by the talented Lei-Ann at Happy Flowers, dressed up each side of the altar. These were also repurposed to beautifully decorate our gift table at the reception site.

What are your plans for ceremony décor? Do you plan to reuse certain items during the reception?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library & Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. Everything looked great and I loved your decor!! We decorated mainly with flowers and candles. I was obsessed with having lots of candles to give off a more romantic atmosphere. I have some of the candles around the house now.

  2. The floral arrangements are beautiful, and I love all the little touches you were able to incorporate - the faux grapes are too cute!

  3. LOVE! Everything looks so elegant! love your ideas!

  4. I love the flowering cabbage used in the altar arrangements. Very unique and beautiful!

    We had a few issues with our ceremony too. But the important part is that you are married to the love of your life and you had a wonderful time and didn't let it spoil your day!

  5. Very cute! I love the photo you used with your heel kicked back...adorable :)

  6. Very nice bouquet. I love it! Gorgeous indeed.

  7. I think the decor in the pictures looks mesmerizing. I dream to have such a wedding.

  8. It all looks so great! I love your tissue packs, too!

    I have my floral and decor recap coming up this week. :)

  9. It all looks gorgeous.

    We didnt decorate much in our church either, just flowers at the front and in vases along each side.