Monday, August 2, 2010

Supporting Each Other

When I first watched the fabulous wedding video below, I was blown away by how fun and imaginitive it was. I loved everything about it, and felt it truly captured the couple’s wedding in a style that was original and unique.

But after I saw and read about some of the disgusting, hateful comments being thrown this bride’s way, I simply wanted to cry.

As brides, as women, and as people, we are all different, with our own personalities, values and visions, both in life and when it comes to our wedding days. No two brides or weddings are alike, and that’s what I so love about these celebrations – the creativity and embracing of difference that they inspire.

Lauren + JP from Matt Odom on Vimeo.

I started blogging and sharing my story to support and encourage others, and with the hope I’d get the same in return. Fortunately, I have, and the camaraderie I’ve discovered in the community of bloggers has been nothing short of amazing.

That’s what we each deserve, and whether we agree or disagree about any number of topics, we should still respect and believe in one another. While I’m sure there’s someone out there who would love to cut down my wedding or my looks, all that matters is that I felt beautiful and happy on my day. Most importantly, our wedding reflected me as a person – with all my flaws and attributes on display.

Lauren, though I don’t know you and you’ll probably never read this, I hope you know that you and your wedding were absolutely beautiful. No one has the right to use hatred and ignorance to take away from the joy and excitement you felt.

I support you, as I do all the brides I have the honor of knowing, whether here online or in my day-to-day life. I’m here to share joy and build people up, not cut them down. We’re each beautifully unique people, and that's something to celebrate. Cruelty and ugliness have no place here.

(Video Credit: Matt Odom)


  1. I agree with you! This video is amazing . . . totally her "style" based off her blog and boards on weddingbee. I was shocked to find out people were saying such mean and hateful things about someone else's wedding! Those commenters are honestly just jealous, and jealousy is never a pretty emotion.

  2. What a cute wedding video ! I absolutely LOVED it !!

  3. Agreed! I, too, saw this and it made me sad and angry to see such hurtful comments. Perhaps fewer and fewer people are learning that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

  4. I missed out on what was said about this video, but I think what they did is really cool and artistic and unique. And the bride looked gorgeous. And honestly if this is their style, she is totally someone I'd be friends with in real life.

    Some people have zero class. I can't believe anyone would put her down.

  5. Yeah, I saw the video and the awful comments on another fellow bloggers site and was just mortified for her. What idiots people are. Unfortunately, whenever something gains wildfire across the net, it is subject to the ridiculous immature comments of young, stupid (and probably single) people who hide behind a computer screen and have nothing else to do with their time. Sad. I too, loved this video and thought the bride and wedding party looked gorgeous!

  6. I loved her video and can't believe people are that mean. I hope she didn't pay attention to them and she stayed true to herself!

  7. I have to agree this video was so cute! I would have love to have been part of this wedding as they looked they were in their perfect element. It was so them and that is what a wedding is all about bringing out your wants, needs, and desires for all your family and friends to share in. Way to go you guys!!

  8. Hello Heather,

    I was away for almost a week and only now I am catching up with all your updates. Can't wait to read them all !!!

    BTW, you are the winner of the giveaway I posted last Monday over NuFlaiir.
    CSN will be contacting you with more details about the giftcard.