Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Spotlight: Seasons For Love

As much as I enjoyed growing up in Southern California, with its mild climate and diverse geography, the changing seasons here on the East Coast truly impress me year after year.

One of my favorite parts of witnessing nature’s ongoing dance has been experiencing the way seasons beautifully influence weddings – from wine-inspired fall festivals to blossom-infused spring soirées. The seasons may come and go quickly, but the possibilities for related themes are seemingly endless.

Here, a few inspiration shots celebrating my favorite season of all – summer.

Which season do you love best?

(Photo Credits: Google Images)


  1. Fall all the way! Especially if I were on the East Coast - we don't get the changing leaves like you do. When I was younger, I loved back-to-school shopping for new supplies and clothes, and I actually looked forward to going to school. In high school and college I lived for football season, and now I love all the yummy pumpkin and apple food, plus trips to the pumpkin patch.

    My fiance loves summer the best, too!

  2. I have to say that Spring is my ultimate favorite season :)