Saturday, August 14, 2010

Erwin & Ed: They Wished Upon A Wedding...

Today, in a beautiful celebration of love in the face of life’s biggest obstacle – terminal illness – Wish Upon a Wedding DC will host its first wedding for Erwin and Ed at Meridian House.

I had the honor of meeting this gracious and loving couple at our chapter’s launch party in June, where their passion for life, love, and each other was apparent to everyone in the room.

Congratulations to the couple, and I can’t wait to see their amazing wedding photos!


  1. Wonderful photos! Congrats to them, and to you for getting involved with such an amazing cause!

  2. Wonderful photos. They all look so happy. It is great to hear they are going to get their wish upon wedding. Congrats to a wonderful couple.

  3. When two people are in love, their positive energy makes the world a much better place. Good for you and WUAW for making their wedding wish come true!