Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo-Share Success

Though I managed to stay relatively “unplugged” during our Hawaiian honeymoon, you’d better believe I was all over Facebook every evening, on the prowl for a sneak peek at our guests’ wedding photos.

And they didn’t disappoint, on Facebook or otherwise. Within just a week of giving out photo-share cards, which our coordinator set at each guest's table setting before the reception, close to a thousand pictures had been uploaded to our Shutterfly site.

Going into the wedding, we knew this would likely be the case, since we have a very camera-friendly group of friends and relatives. In fact, the majority of the photos were taken by just two people – my bridesmaid Pooneh and her mom!

Here, a few of my wedding day favorites that were not shot by the pros.

LESSON LEARNED: Whether you end up with a thousand pictures or just one, providing photo-share cards to your guests is definitely worth doing. Creating the cards is a simple DIY you can do at home, as is setting up an account on Shutterfly or another site you prefer. You never know what fun and original shots you might end up with, some of which could even become favorites from the entire day! Guests can often capture smaller details that the pros don’t have a chance to catch, or offer a totally different perspective of the celebration. Plus, this option allows guests to order whichever photos they like, without coming to you in the busy weeks immediately following the wedding.

Do you plan to give out photo-share cards at your wedding?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography & Personal Library)


  1. That's good you got so many personal photos. We really didn't get that many despite the fact that I know more people were taking pictures. For some reason they are holding them hostage from me! haha.

  2. This is so great! I definitely need to add "photo share card" to my list of projects, and soon!

  3. Great pics! I think I'll include photo sharing cards in the thank you cards after the wedding. I know a bunch of people coming to my wedding tend to post pics on facebook so I'm sure they'll be a decent amount of guest pics!

  4. Wow...these are so great. I had one cousin/bridesmaid who took a good amount of photos she uploaded to facebook but our photo sharing site was pretty much a fail. I don't even think we got 200 photos total and most of them were not very good quality - blurry or bad lighting or whatever. You got some really good shots!

  5. That's a great idea! Not just for weddings but any kind of party or special event. A few friends tagged me in wedding pics on facebook, but not everyone has facebook. This is a great idea and I am definately gonna use this for future events. Thanks!!!

  6. We got a ton of guest photos by doing photo share cards too! We opted to include them in our thank you cards, as a reminder when the guest was at home. Such a great idea, and really helps with waiting for the pro pics to come in!

  7. Its def a fun and great idea! Its fun seeing all the different shots that they pros might have missed. I think your friends got a wonderful shot of the beautiful couple cutting the beautiful cake! :) Great photos!

  8. You got some fab shots.

    We put cards in our thank you cards along with a link to our photographers pro photos and we did get some photos uploaded but more on facebook.