Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Wedding Day: As Told By Loved Ones

Sharing our wedding day with so many of our close friends and relatives – including those whom we hadn’t seen in years – made the occasion especially memorable and fun. And hearing their thoughts afterward, about what they enjoyed and which aspects were the most memorable in their eyes, just made us feel even happier with the way everything played out.

Here’s what a few of our wedding party and family members had to say.

“Your wedding was elegant and classy, while having a very laidback feel. The ‘California romance’-themed reception was very befitting of you and Stephen, while the postcard table markers and handmade escort cards were especially cute. It was a beautiful day, and I was proud to be a part of it!”

–  Bridesmaid Jess

“First, the dancing was so much fun! Your DJ did a wonderful job selecting songs that were easy to dance to, not only for us “oldsters,” but for everyone. I loved seeing Andrea and Fred dancing together, and I can’t remember when we ever went dancing with them before. I also loved seeing three entire generations of Bridget’s family dancing!

But really, the most wonderful part of the wedding was that all the families were together. People came from all over California, from other states, and even from Europe to celebrate the beginning of your life together. People who had not seen each other in years or even decades had an opportunity to meet again, acknowledging that they are part of this extended family.”

– Groom's Mother Peggy

"From seeing you looking beautiful in your perfect wedding gown, to the music and dancing, to Kellie's funny toast, the day was perfect! I loved getting dressed up and having so many great pictures taken."

– Bride's Mother Patty

"My favorite part of the day was the entire morning spent getting our hair and makeup done. It'd be easy for a wedding day to become stressful and too fast-paced, so I liked that we all got a chance to just relax and focus on getting camera-ready. Plus, Jana did a great job prettying us up, and I was so excited to show off my cute new look that day!"

– Maid-of-Honor Kellie

"Every time you and Stephen looked at each other, the love you have just radiated from you both. The first dance was so moving, as was seeing your mom and dad dancing the night away, looking so happy. I also loved being on the dance floor with my beautiful granddaughter. The entire wedding was so well planned by both of you, and your day was beautiful all the way through."

– Bride's Grandma Norma

Did you enjoy getting feedback from your guests and honor attendants following your wedding or engagement party? How did everyone’s comments add to your joy or influence your opinion of the day?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. Everyone's comments were very sweet, sounds like a wonderful day!

    My mother and MIL told me about all the great compliments they got about the wedding from their friends/families which of course is nice to hear. Though I doubt someone would tell them if they didn't like something or if they would tell me that which is perfectly fine. haha.

  2. I was little nervous when planning that our wedding was so nontraditional that people wouldn't enjoy it. Thankfully, my worries were for nothing and people loved the unique "Hannah & Pete" event. We are still getting wonderful feedback and it always makes me happy.

    All that work was worth it!

  3. So sweet! I'm sure it feels so good to hear these words about an event that is so meaningful to you, and that you spent so long planning!

  4. Aww, this is really sweet! I hope people have just as nice things to say about our wedding.

  5. Such beautiful pictures and feedback from your guests! I would have expected nothing less than a completely gorgeous wedding from you. :)

  6. AWW!! Those are such sweet comments!! I love the photo of you and your sweet! :) Its so nice to hear wonderful words from the guests. Our guests had a great time and everyone was so surprise and loved when my stepdaughter sang a song for us during the reception! ♥

  7. Its lovely to get such fab comments from your guests; sounds like a brilliant day.