Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our ‘Wedding Workshop’

Though we still have a short while before wedding gifts inevitably start rolling in, with fewer than three months until our big day, one glance around the house definitely screams “wedding planning”!

From the kitchen table covered in wine corks, sawdust and my gigantic wedding filing bin, to the home office overflowing with stamps, cardstock and photo printouts, there’s hardly a corner untouched by some type of wedding-related item. And how could I possibly forget my family’s home in California, where my loved ones are graciously storing an ever-growing number of wedding day goodies, including clothing, gifts, a huge photo mat, and countless other treats?

Well, since I’m a self-proclaimed compulsive organizer who’s been known to obsess over unfolded laundry or a sink full of dishes, you’d think this disarray would be driving me absolutely nuts. But you know what? It isn’t! Not in the least. Because each time I see those piles of paper, stashes of wine bottles, or half-printed labels, I realize just how close we are to starting our married lives together. I think about how much fun we’re having along the way, even though the printer might sometimes malfunction or a receipt get temporarily filed in the wrong folder.

Yes, the chaos is all symbolic of this busy, crazy, wonderful time in our lives, and each individual item is only a sign of the fun to come on our wedding day and in the years to follow. Each binder and ribbon belongs right where it is, and I know I’ll surely miss them all when they’re finally gone.

Has your home evolved into a “wedding workshop”? How do you think you’ll feel when all the planning and DIY-ing comes to an end?

(Photo Credits: Heather Warren)


  1. I haven't started any of my DIY projects yet and my 'wedding room' is already disorganized and piles are starting to rise! :) I know I'll miss it though after we get married. Wedding planning has definitely made me more organized surprisingly though.

  2. Our place definitely is the home of a lot of wedding stuff right now. Lucky for us, we have a good amount of storage, including some great built-in bench cabinets that are housing my huge file boxes. I dislike clutter, so I hope I can have a good attitude like you once we run out of space!

  3. My home has been the result of wedding planning and studying. So I have my textbooks and wedding invitations stacked on top of each other. Lol...I can't wait until I can reclaim my home after the wedding!

  4. I am so like you! I totally can't stand having a sink full of dishes and that type of stuff but having boxes of wedding related items sitting out around my house for almost 9 months now has not bothered me at all. Isn't that funny? I think the main reason is because I was able to put most (not all, but a lot) of them away in a little storage area in our house. But now that I have moved all of my stuff into Mr Fix It's home and am living in my mom's house (it is still my place but mom moved into it as her own), I have pulled EVERYTHING wedding related out and spread it out in our upstairs bedroom. With just 16 days to go, it is all organized and packed up...labeled with what is in each box and ready for my coordinator to take it all down to the venue in just two weeks for setting up! It's so crazy. I have almost everything ready. This weekend I am hoping to finish assembling the programs (which are spread out across my living room) and the escort card boxes and design and print the menus for the buffet. Then I just need to put together the wedding gifts for the bridal party sometime in the next week. It's so weird to think that in less than a few weeks all of this stuff will be out of the house!


  5. We still have stuff from the wedding floating about the house. Not good!

  6. I love seeing all the wedding stuff around the house. Like you, it makes me so excited to see the wedding stuff on and around my desk and living room but i'm not neurotic about dishes in the sink. I'll get to them at some point in the day.

  7. I keep mine tucked away in the attic. Though I do think that next month I'll have to start bringing stuff out into the open.