Monday, March 29, 2010

The First Dance: Help Pick Our Song!

With our wedding getting closer by the day, Stephen and I are busy making sure we have all our ducks in a row when it comes to music. This month, we’re lining up dance lessons, prepping our outline for the DJ, and making sure the church is all squared away with sheet music.

The one little problem? We’re stuck about which song to choose for our first dance!

Knowing that we want an upbeat classic, we’ve narrowed our choices down to these three tunes. Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

“For Once in My Life” – Michael Buble

(The opening line is cut out in this clip, but the rest of the song is very clear.)

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Frank Sinatra

“Ain't That a Kick in the Head” – Dean Martin


  1. I'm partial to "Fly Me to the Moon". Good luck!

  2. I personally love Michael Buble.

    We're having a tough time picking a first dance song as well.

  3. That Frank Sinatra song is classic and one of my favorites!!! Good luck and have fun with this part!

  4. Oooh, good luck! I am struggling with this, too. All of your choices are fun, but I think you can't go wrong with Frank Sinatra!

  5. We are having a tough time with this too. I would go for either Buble or Sinatra. Love both of those

  6. Oooh Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are such classics. I say go with Frank!

  7. It's so funny to see so many brides say they are having a tough time with this. It makes me wonder why? Is it because you can't agree on a song or because you don't have a song or what? I personally am partial to Michael Buble but all three are great choices.

    I don't have to stress about picking our first dance song because Mr Fix It is surprising me with a special song that he says 'sums up how he feels about me.' So I am excited to be surprised and not have to worry about it. My DJ has told me that it is a little fast but still danceable for a first dance. So we'll see what happens in just 17 days!