Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Light It Up: Fun With LEDs

Today, my bicoastal groom Stephen is on the scene, telling you how to light up your wedding day with simple, fun LEDs. Enjoy!

Most guys aren’t that into decorations, but a lot of us do love electronics. Find a way to combine the two, and you have a great way to trick, er…“entice” your future hubby to help make some really amazing decorations.

Light Emitting Diodes, aka LEDs, are energy-efficient and pretty easy to set up. A simple way to light up an LED is with a CR2032 battery, the flat disk batteries about the size of a nickel. To light an LED, sandwich the battery between the two LED wire leads so the longer wire touches the positive (+) side of the battery and the shorter wire touches the negative side (-). Use tape to hold the wires in place, and you’ve got yourself an LED building block to endless possibilities.

Combine a couple of the LEDs together with a rare earth magnet, and you get an LED throwie, as seen above. This allows you to latch LEDs onto metal surfaces and create some incredible designs. But one downside is that there is no on/off switch, plus a limited amount of battery power, so someone will need to assemble them no earlier than the night before your wedding, or even the day of. But it’ll definitely give the groomsmen something to do while you’re getting your hair done.

Want votive candles, but your reception site won’t allow an open flame? LED candles may be your answer. Besides, who wants a boring old red or yellow flame when you can have colors cycle through a variety of shades or set the LEDs to match your own color scheme?

Lastly, for the more avant-garde bride, there are LED bouquets. Since LEDs don’t put out much heat, you needn’t worry about burning your flowers. This would work best in a low-lit area, and might be difficult to see during an outdoor afternoon wedding.

All in all, LEDs are a great way to give your wedding a distinct look that is uniquely your own. Also, they can be so much fun to play with, your groom may not even realize he’s making wedding decorations.

Full step-by-step instructions for each of the abovementioned items are available at http://www.instructables.com/.

What types of lighting will you go with at your wedding? Any DIY lighting projects on the agenda?

(Photo and Video Credits: Instructables)


  1. Love it! We are going to purchase our venue's uplighting package, but this would have been another great solution, especially since our venue does not allow open flames.

  2. We need to look into the lighting situation further. We are having candles on the tables for sure, but beyond that we'll see.

  3. What a super great post. We will have a custom GOBO light of our names shining on the fireplace behind our sweetheart table. We also will have red uplights throughout the perimeter of the room and of course dance floor lights. But along the lines of the LED lights you are referring to: We have flashing sunglasses in neon colors for the youngest children and flashing mouthguards for the older kids and teens to put in their mouth while they're dancing around the dance floor :)