Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wedding Day Beauty: A Snow White's Day In The Sun

Like probably just about every bride on the planet, I hoped and prayed for gorgeous weather on my wedding day. In the months leading up to June 4, I envisioned a day that was not too hot, not too cold, and not too overcast or rainy, but just right.

Well, though it doesn't always work out this way for everyone, I got my wish in the form of a picture perfect 75-degree, clear blue-skied day. But as happy as I was to see the sunshine, I knew it also came with the risk of a sunburn, especially for a fair-skinned bride like me.

So, though I know it's often said that sunscreen can create an unpleasant glare in photos, I was sure to slather on a generous base coat before my makeup artist arrived. After all, I figured it was much better to risk a couple subpar photos than to take much bigger risks, such as looking lobster-red during my walk down the aisle or worse, winding up with skin cancer later in life.

And as for tanning, whether real of fake? I decided to pass, thanks very much, first for the obvious health concerns, and secondly, because faux tanning just leaves me looking, well, faux. Over the years, I've come to accept and love my own snowy complexion, and since it's a natural part of who I am, it only made sense to embrace it on my wedding day, as well.

LESSON LEARNED: As you prepare for and head into your wedding day, do keep in mind that it's just that -- a single day. Stay true to yourself, and don't even think about doing anything that might jeopardize your health or safety just for the sake of a few good snapshots. Trust me, you'll feel more beautiful and confident by just being your own healthy self than you will in trying to become something you're not. Worried about a sunburn? A prop like a parasol or fixture like a canopy during an outdoor ceremony can work wonders, while also providing a great visual focus in photos.

What are your thoughts about tanning or other wedding day beauty procedures?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography)


  1. no tanning for me either! I had a winter wedding so I was pretty covered up ;) AND I wanted it to snow for our wedding, but it was sunny with snow on the ground, but when we were finished with the ceremony and headed out to take some photos, it started to snow :)

  2. No tanning for me! I have tried a spray-tan before, and I did like the results, but decided to go au natural for the wedding. As you know, it rained on our day, so a tan would have looked out of place anyway :)

    Good for you for covering up with sunscreen. We could all learn a lesson from you.

  3. I love neutrogena Sunscreen it goes on like regular lotion and has not scent!!!

    I love the fact that I am pale, I too have come to embrace it. My dad actually asked me if I was going to tan before my wedding. I really wanted to like me in my photos not someone else. My husband asked me to marry him becasue of who I am not who I could be.

    and by the way, it would be great to get coffee some time! It is crazy the people you meet who live in close proximity all becasue of blogging!

  4. I broke down and did go tanning the month before my wedding which is something I hadn't done since college b/c it's so bad for you but I figured for my wedding I could make an exception. I'm glad I did b/c when my hair dye job turned out to be black I would have looked really goth if I had been my natural super pale, plus it helped me from burning on the honeymoon like my husband did! But never again! No tanning beds for me.

  5. Yes definitely stay true to yourself! I'm snowy as well and have learned to love it!

  6. I don't think I'll be tanning before my wedding. I've never gone to a tanning bed, for the obvious health risks as well. IF I decide I want to look more tan, I would get a spray tan, but I don't plan on that right now. Good tip about the sun screen!

  7. you always have such great lessons :) i agree that sunscreen is a must for all.

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  9. Great advice for so many brides. I see photos of brides who just look too made up and too tan! I was thinking of getting one of those spray tans or lotions from a bottle but never did because I didnt want to look orange or too dark. Our wedding was in April and a few weeks before we were at a softball game and didnt think it was too hot out yet but ended up getting burnt! But luckily we werent too red by our wedding day! :)