Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Groom's View: The Bachelor Party Tell-All

Wild night of debauchery or low-key guys' night in? My husband reveals his preference in this bachelor party recap!

I wanted my bachelor party to be fun but not too wild. Mostly, I wanted to enjoy having my friends from high school and college all together for the first time. But since everyone lives in different parts of the country, we couldn't organize anything until the two nights right before the wedding, when everyone got to town.

The first night, my friends from high school were the only ones already there, and we spent the evening playing silly card games that I hadn't played since homeroom and lunch period 10 years ago. If only I'd had a N64 and a copy of GoldenEye, it would've been perfect.The second night, I had nearly all of the groomsmen together. We were all staying at the same hotel, so we were able to spend the night joking around while "The Hangover " played in the background.

The thought of actually going to Las Vegas crossed my mind, but in the end, that's just not my style and there was no time. I guess the real point of my bachelor party was not the location or having some crazy event, but the simple joy of catching up with friends.

LESSONS LEARNED (BY HEATHER): Yup, I'm hijacking my hubby's post to throw in a couple extra nuggets of wisdom that he was afraid forgot to include. Hey, it is my blog after all! Anyway, if at all possible, do not hold a bachelor party, or bachelorette party for that matter, the night before the wedding. What starts out as a low-key get-together can quickly spiral into chaos, especially when alcohol is part of the picture. (And yes, guys, I know there was more than enough flowing!) I'm just lucky my husband and his friends were able to get it together before showtime the next day, though I've heard plenty of stories about those who weren't as fortunate.

What type of bachelor party does your fiance plan to have, and how far in advance will it be held?

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  1. I love all of your husband's posts! Mine had a low-key camping trip with just his groomsmen. It was low key, but he later admitted it was a little TOO low key for his tastes. Mine was anything but, and I think he may have been a tad bit jealous ;)

  2. My husband spent a week at the beach with his buddies fishing. Very low key. He's done the whole strip club thing in his younger days and is over that scene. And thankfully he did this months before the wedding since he broke his finger in a drunken bowling incident while on the trip!

  3. I didn't have a bachelorette party, I was 6 months pregnant and WAY too tired to do anything! lol

  4. We had really low key fun nights with friends the weekend before our wedding, of coure we were only eighteen haha

    I am planning my brothers wedding and my husbnad is in charge of organizing a "not so crazy" bachelor party for my brother, while I am planning a fun girls night for the bridal party.

  5. My fiance's brother is planning a weekend in Montreal a few weeks before our wedding. I'm doing the good old Atlantic City thing, because honestly, it's self made bachelorette fun. I, too, am not a crazy partier, but you can still have a blast in AC without going wild and crazy.