Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saying It With A Smoothie

The traffic was horrible, and the minutes seemed to fly by ever faster as Stephen drove me to class one recent Thursday. My stomach rumbled as I finally raced up the stairs, already late and left with no time to pick up my signature green tea smoothie. Stressed out and breathless, I slumped into my seat, resigning myself to three long hours of hunger.

Then, during our 10-minute break, as I headed down the hall to see whether I could perhaps scrounge a bite to eat from the vending machine, I jumped in surprise at the sound of my name being called out from behind. Spinning around, my face instantly lit up with joy as I saw my husband standing there holding out a freshly blended smoothie and a big box of granola bars. My stomach was grateful, and so was my heart.

Like many couples I’ve known, Stephen and I are not romantic in a conventional sense. He doesn’t bring me flowers, and I don’t leave him love notes. Instead, we consistently show our love through kind and thoughtful gestures that may appear small to those on the outside, but actually have a huge impact on our relationship. When I come home after a long day to find dinner waiting on the stove, or see that the recycling has been taken down without my asking, I know that my husband – the most giving and selfless man I know – loves me and values our partnership. And when I take the time to surprise him with cleanly folded laundry or a few uninterrupted hours of computer games, he knows how much I respect him and care about his happiness.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter exactly how a husband and wife express their love, as long as they both feel valued and cared for when all is said and done. What works for one couple may fail for another, and what makes one person happy may leave another feeling quite dissatisfied. This is where communication is key, allowing a couple to continue to grow in understanding one another and in truly being partners for life.

How do you typically express love?

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  1. Beautiful post lady! You hit the nail right on the head! Your hubs is a sweetie!

  2. that is so cute! I totally agree with everything you have written, beautifully said <3

  3. So sweet of him to bring you some healthy snacks like that! My husband and I do the same kind of things for one another - we're not overly sappy or romantic verbally, but we do little things to let one another know that we care. Great post :)

  4. Aww you've got yourself a good man! My husband will bring me home a Starbucks coffee when he gets up early to go hunting on Saturday mornings.

  5. Thanks for sharing this story! What a great guy! I tend to leave post-it notes around, or express my love by cooking. My fiance will make me muffins (while I sleep for a little longer) on weekend mornings if we have mix in the house. Or we go out for "special treats" like ice cream or smoothies.

  6. Sounds liek acts of service is you love language!!!

    So sweet, things like that just make my heart melt.

    (I am posting about the gala tomorrow!!!)

  7. What a sweet guy! My husband expresses love in many different ways - I'm also lucky!

  8. I love the non-typical romance - it means so much more because it takes more thought!