Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Belated Halloween Adventure Recap

Oh my! Life has become so crazy and busy for me lately that I just realized I never recapped our “Big Apple” Halloween, or our Casablanca-inspired old-time costumes. Oops!

Well, in case you’re (hopefully) still interested, we had a blast, both on Halloween in NYC, plus throughout the week during my sister’s visit to Washington for the Rally to Restore Sanity. Of course, I showed her all the major tourist sites, including the Capitol, White House and monuments, plus a couple others that are off the beaten path, like Old Town Alexandria’s Torpedo Factory Art Center, the National Zoo, and the Lavender Moon Cupcake shop, which is just as good as famous Georgetown Cupcake in my opinion!

Then, during our whirlwind visit to New York, we enjoyed a crisp fall day as we toured Times Square, had lunch at the Life Café (of Rent fame), rode the Staten Island Ferry, and enjoyed a leisurely stroll in Central Park, where we witnessed more than one Halloween wedding taking place.

And as for our costumes? I’m sure we looked totally nerdy at the party we attended, but isn’t that kind of the point when it comes to old-fashioned outfits?

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween, and that your plans for the next big fall holiday, Thanksgiving, are coming together! What was your costume this year?

(Photo Credits: Personal Library)


  1. Cute costumes! I remember that the temps had dropped right before we left New York - it had been in the mid to low 70s all week before that.

    I recycled a pirate costume from 5 years ago - just didn't have time to plan a new one out this year!

  2. aw I think the two of you are adorable! I love the Panda picture!!