Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Expert Advice: Bridal Handkerchiefs & Embroidery (Part One)

While planning my wedding, I searched high and low for the perfect bridal handkerchief to carry with me throughout the day. Though I eventually found one decorated in a lovely floral pattern that matched my color scheme, I definitely wish I’d been familiar with Lil Inspirations, which offers the most beautiful customized, affordable handkerchiefs and embroidered gifts.

Though I may have missed out, you don't have to! Here to share a lil' advice and inspiration is Sandra Dexter Kircher, the company’s owner and a generous wish granter for Wish Upon a Wedding. Got questions? Don't forget to leave them in the comment section below!

Your company offers a range of beautifully embroidered wedding gifts, from handkerchiefs to throw blankets. Which items are especially popular right now, and what trends have you noticed throughout the past year?

Our handkerchiefs continue to be our most popular item for the bride, groom and entire bridal party. I offer handkerchiefs from the very ornate to the elegantly simple to compliment whatever a bride's style is. Brides also really want to add a personal touch to their weddings, and with an embroidered hankie, they can. I've seen some expressions that made me pause for a moment and say "aw," and some that have made me blush (big time), but I don't judge. With the ability to choose their own words and have the design embroidered in their choice of thread color, many times to match their wedding color scheme, the possibilities are endless. I'll be adding new handkerchief styles for the upcoming season, plus even more design options.

With many wedding gowns now featuring some type of floral design element, I've also found many brides asking for a floral design to be added to their handkerchiefs. For a more subtle look, some choose handkerchiefs that have a tone-on-tone hand-embroidered floral design already embellished on the hankie, while others select a very bright and vibrant floral design to be embellished separately.

There's additionally been a big metallic trend this year, which I think has influenced many brides to have their handkerchiefs personalized with silver thread. It's a great color choice that creates an elegantly subtle look and still allows the personalized message to be easily read.

Finally, our wedding throws have been popular as gifts for parents or the wedding couple, since they make wonderful keepsakes for the home. Some choose to use them as decorative pieces, displayed on the sofa or edge of the bed, while others enjoy snuggling up under the blanket on a chilly night while remembering their wedding day.

If a bride is thinking about ordering custom handkerchiefs, how far in advance should she place her order?

I suggest placing an order at least 3-4 weeks in advance. During the peak of wedding season, things can get hectic, and with so many last-minute details already in the picture, it's best to order as early as possible.

Will you carry a handkerchief or special personalized item on your wedding day?

(Photo Credits: Lil Inspirations)


  1. Beautiful handkerchiefs! I carried a vintage locket with my late father's picture in it, but if I hadn't done that, I would have gone this route.

  2. I have some vintage handkerchiefs leftover from our save the date project - some of which used to belong to my great-grandmother. So I might use one of those to wrap around my bouquet.

  3. Oh my goodness!! These are stunning! I love them.

  4. Perfect parent or bridal party gifts. I LOVE this idea!!!