Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hair & Makeup: Trial Run vs. Wedding Day Reality

You ladies already know how big a fan I am of hair and makeup trial runs, which allow you to work out with your wedding day stylist just the look you want, without any time constraints or jitters, long before the hectic and crazy nature of the day itself is upon you.

Are they pricey? Usually. But worth it? Totally.

I’ve recently heard a few brides ask whether the stylist always replicates the look perfectly the second time around. While there will always be slight variations, a good stylist should definitely be able to handle this, especially if he or she takes pictures and makes notes during your trial run.

To judge for yourself, compare my trial shots and wedding day photos below.

Trial Run

Wedding Day

What do you think? Did stylist Jana do a good job? Are there any dramatic differences you see in the photos?

LESSON LEARNED: Whether you do a trial run or not, be sure to speak up if you have any concerns about your wedding day look! You’ve likely paid good money for this service, and there’s nothing wrong with asking the stylist to tweak or change something, even if that means throwing out the window one or two decisions you made during your trial.

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography & Personal Library) 


  1. It looks the same! They did a great job!

    My stylist decided the day of my wedding to do my hair a little differently than my trial run and I have to say I didnt care for it that much.

  2. I can't see the photos! I will try again later!! I wanna see !!

  3. Looks like she nailed it! Great advice - I think trial runs of hair and makeup are a must!

  4. Your stylist did a beautiful job! I definitely plan on having a trial run for both hair and makeup.

  5. A trial run is so so so important so that they can see what type of hair you have and if it will work with the style you want. My hair actually looked much better on the wedding day than in the trial.

  6. From the side, I actually like your wedding day hair better. :) Very nice!!

    My trial was awesome, but my wedding day styling was a fiasco. I pretty much ended up doing my own.

  7. I think it's a must! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day! :)

    I'm not able to reply via email after you leave comments on my blog but I wanted to thank you so much for all of your sweet comments! They always make my day!:)

  8. Honestly, my wedding day hair and make-up were both waaaaaay better than my trials! That said, you can't recreate art and I think the pressure of "the day" makes artists perform a bit better!

  9. You look great...I even think your wedding day look looks way better!