Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Ready: A Little Glitz & Glamour

Our hair and makeup session was my maid of honor Kellie’s favorite part of the entire wedding day, and it’s no mystery why. From the pampering to the photo shoots, these hours of girl time were just plain fun.

Right from the start, I had no doubt that hiring a pro to handle my hair and makeup was absolutely the right decision, as was doing a trial run a couple months in advance. Not only did having a pro on-site ensure the perfect camera-ready look, which can be tough even for a bride who’s a total makeup guru, but it also gave me a chance to relax and enjoy a little extra attention at the start of my day. Having done a trial run also made the wedding day much less stressful, since I knew exactly what to expect.

My only regret? Things got so hectic as the day went on that never once did I have a chance to reapply my lipstick! Just when I was about to do this at the church, the processional began without me, causing me to rush and throw that plan right out the window. Then, the reception was so fun and crazy that I didn’t even think about it once.

Though I certainly don’t think this “ruined” our photos in any way, it’s yet another reason why doing a “first look” and getting the most important photos taken early on was a major plus!


• If your budget allows, hiring a pro you trust to come right to you on the wedding day will definitely not disappoint. While going to a salon is also perfectly fine, the less running around you have to do, the better.

• Don’t forget to schedule a trial run, and be sure to line up a manicure and pedicure for the day before the wedding. If possible, choose a more upscale salon to ensure top-quality products and the longest-lasting results. My pedicure lasted nearly three weeks, even after being in Hawaii and swimming in the ocean!

• Don’t overlook your eyebrows. Two days before the wedding, I was sure to have my brows plucked (my skin is too sensitive for waxing), and it made a huge difference in improving my overall look. Just don’t schedule a session any closer to the wedding than 2-3 days in advance, in case of irritation. Is it your first experience with professional tweezing or waxing? Allow even more time.

• Lastly, designate a bridesmaid to remind you throughout the day to steal a quick moment here and there for makeup touch-ups. Chances are, you’ll be so wrapped up in the experience that this will be the last thing on your mind!

Are you hiring a pro to handle hair and makeup on your wedding day? What are your top tips for brides-to-be?

(Photo Credits: Damien Smith Photography) 


  1. GREAT tips! I did my own make-up on my wedding day :)

  2. Definitely hiring a pro for hair and makeup, though I will have to go to the salon as opposed to having her come to me. Funny story - our Catholic officiant told me to have three tubes of lipstick around on the wedding day and to re-apply before all the major "events" - first dance, cake cutting, etc.

  3. Every one of your photos is stunning! You have such great advice. Lo0ve it!

  4. Looking great :)

    Yes I wish I had someone remind me too! My lipstick and blush faded in the hot August heat and after 4 hours of dancing!

  5. Good timing! I just wrote about my hair and make-up trial. I wasn't happy with the results. Fortunately I have enough time to try again! Thanks for the tips :)

  6. I am definitely planning on hiring a pro! I went to Sephora for makeup before my e-photos and I ended up having to wash most of it off and reapply myself. That was a good reminder to plan a trial run before the wedding.