Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Ready: Time Flies…

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I guess it must be true, since the morning of our wedding seemed to speed up by the hour!

Starting out, we kept things running well ahead of schedule, thinking we’d be ready to go with plenty of time to spare. I felt calm and relaxed as I took it all in and savored the moment. Everything was moving along according to schedule.

But they also say that all good things must end. As the hour to leave drew nearer and nearer, all that extra time we’d gained suddenly vanished, and we found ourselves scrambling to get dressed and still allow time for photographer Damien to snap photos before we left for the “first look” site. Bridesmaids’ dresses needed last-minute pressing, and the girls hunted for their shoes, which were almost forgotten in all the last-minute excitement.

In my corner of the house, my chrinoline had to be secured at just the right height, and I needed help putting on my garter and shoes. As I slipped into the gown at last, Damien captured my mom zipping it up and fastening the back. Was the dress adjusted just right? What about my veil? Was my stylist ready to attach it for me? Could someone call Stephen to let him know we were getting ready to head out?

Everything blurred together into a wonderfully crazy whirl. For the first time all day, I started getting nervous, and feeling like I was really getting married in just a couple hours. It was as if a light suddenly popped on in my head, telling me, “You’re the bride…remember?!”

A few pictures and one bathroom stop (thanks, Kellie!) later, we loaded into the van we’d rented, running half an hour late, but luckily not so far behind as to ruin my plans for a “first look” at one of the most beautiful spots in town.

LESSON LEARNED: While you’re getting ready, designate a bridesmaid or family member to announce the time about once every half hour, so that you don’t lose track. And be sure to start getting into your dress with plenty of time to spare, including enough time to capture all the photos you and your photographer want. Not only do you want to avoid rushing this special moment, but it will likely take longer than you think! The same goes for bridesmaids and anyone else on hand. If you need to travel to another location, also allow time to use the restroom and get situated in the car, which can both take a surprisingly long time when wearing a wedding dress.

At what point did or do you think you’ll be hit with a case of the jitters and the realization that, oh my gosh, you’re about to get married?!

(Photo Credits: Damien Smith Photography)


  1. Great tips! my wedding planner kept us on track, if I didn't have her I probably would be SO late! lol

  2. I'm really nervous about losing track of the time, since all of the girls are going to be responsible for getting themselves to and from their hair appointments and back to the hotel. I'm being a little bridezilla about it, but I've asked them to text me once they get to the salon to make sure everyone is on schedule.

    As usual, great and helpful tips!

  3. Great tip because time definitely flies on the wedding day!

  4. I am alwasy blown away by the beauty of your wedding day.

  5. Great tips, as usual! I have a feeling it'll hit me while I'm getting ready as well - especially once I'm in my dress.