Friday, October 29, 2010

A 'Big Apple' Halloween

Happy Halloween, everyone! This weekend, I'm off to NYC with my sister, who's visiting all the way from California, plus Stephen and his best friend. It will be our first Halloween spent in the Big Apple, and we're definitely hoping it will be fun and action-packed.

To help kick off the weekend, here are some spooky and kooky Halloween wedding ideas I've read and heard about over the years.

• At an outdoor wedding, incorporate a haunted house or haunted maze as part of the fun.

• Create bouquets of black, white and red roses for the bridal party.

• Feature a candy buffet serving classic Halloween favorites, such as fun-sized chocolates and caramel apples.

• Serve a Halloween-themed drink, like a Bloody Mary or pumpkin-spiced apple cider.

• Host a masquerade-themed reception, giving each guest a mask.

• Mix carved white and orange jack-o-lanterns as centerpieces.

• Hold your ceremony in an old, rustic church.

• Invite a fortune teller to set up a booth at your reception.

Have you ever attended a Halloween-themed wedding? What are your plans this weekend?

(Photo Credits: Google Images)


  1. great ideas! Have a wonderful time in NYC !

  2. No plans for us, except relaxing! My fiance has been writing a 25+ page paper for grad school that's due today at noon. Have fun in New York!

  3. My older sister wants a halloween themed wedding. I for opne don;t like to mix holidays with other important events. That is just my opinion though. i am sure they could be fun and even elegant if done right!

  4. Fun! Are you planning to check out the parade in the Village? Are you getting all dressed up?

    My hubby and I haven't had the chance to make Halloween plans since returning from our honeymoon so we're going to lay low. We'll probably take a walk through our neighborhood to check out some of the cute kids trick or treating then grab some dinner.


  5. Hey Ghenet! We're defintiely hoping to catch the parade and also have Casablanca-inspired costumes planned! We wore them to a party last weekend, and it was so much fun. Happy Halloween!

  6. So fun! I'm sad we're leaving NYC tomorrow. I absolutely love it here, but San Francisco and our friends are waiting for us back home. Apparently we're hosting a party at our house tomorrow night- my husband invited everyone at our wedding :

    love the idea of a haunted house or fortune teller at a wedding, by the way!

  7. Awesome, welcome to NYC!! Manhattan will DEF. be action packed this weekend, good weekend to visit!

  8. Have a great weekend in NYC. I love halloween themed parties and halloween weddings are even more fun. I have seen a few receptions where it is more of a big halloween type party where the guests are all invited to dress up in their favorite costume.

  9. These sound like fun Halloween wedding ideas...I love the one of the carved pumpkin centerpieces! Hope you have a fun Halloween! Your costume ideas sound awesome! Cant wait to see pictures! :) Happy Halloween!

  10. So happy that you are coming into my city. Have a great time and be safe.