Monday, October 4, 2010

Down The Aisle: A Bride's Most Surreal Moment

Walking down the aisle was by far my most emotional and surreal part of the entire wedding day. Not usually accustomed to being in front of a crowd, I’ll admit I was a bit jittery, while at the same time, I truly struggled not to dissolve into tears.

Plus, since the wedding party’s processional started while I was still in the restroom, which caused me to rush a bit, things became even more of a blur than they would have been otherwise. But that’s what photos and video footage are for, right?

I just love these shots, which at once capture all of the joy and emotion I felt as I left the bride’s room, rounded the corner, joined my parents at the foot of the aisle, and finally saw Stephen, plus all of our friends and family members, waiting especially for me.

Our bird's-eye video clip also allows me to see everything from a different perspective, plus hear my entire Sound of Music processional, which I can't clearly remember. And yes, it even catches my dad accidentally stepping on my gown at the very end, right after I said "I love you" to both he and my mom. Lucikly, it didn't tear!

LESSON LEARNED: Though it will surely be hard, try to consciously take in every moment of your walk down the aisle. My memories are hazy, but there are things I can definitely recall, such as seeing Stephen, as well as the smiling faces of our guests. This much-anticipated moment will likely fill you with an entire flood of emotions, and will be over in just a few quick flashes of the camera.

What was your walk down the aisle like, or what are your plans for this special moment?

(Photo Credits: Alex Neumann Photography; Video Credit: Max MacIver Videography) 


  1. I honestly can't remember too much walking down the aisle...too many emotions like you said...but yes, the video and photos totally helped :)

  2. Great tips, and I'm so glad we'll have our photographer and second shooter on hand to capture the moment. I'm so glad to hear that walking down the aisle still feels magical even if you do a first look. I hadn't wanted to do one, but having two ceremonies really limited our time to take photos in our Western clothes.

  3. I agree, definitely the most surreal moment. It's the only time I really teared up. I remember my first though was that the room looked really pretty then when I turned the corner and could finally see Kristian my thought was WOW he looks awesome.

  4. that was really sweet. I held it together until I made it to the alter, the I burst into tears haha

  5. So beautiful! I love your music (I can't really remember hearing music as I walked down the aisle either!).

  6. So sweet! I'm really looking forward to this moment and will make sure to be present and soak it all in :)

  7. Love your photos. They are all so great!