Thursday, October 21, 2010

Expert Advice: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Favors

Our edible white chocolate boxes were the hit of the reception, enhancing our theme and leaving guests with a delicious memento as they headed out the door. But with all the options out there, how do you choose just the perfect favor for your event? What are the most fun and affordable options available, and what’s especially hot right now?

Here to answer these questions and more is The Favour Shoppe’s own award-winning blogger Caren Chorlton-Richardson. Check out her advice, and be sure to leave any questions in the comment section below!

In what ways do you feel favors can enhance a wedding, shower or party? What are some of the best ways to present them to guests?

If your budget allows, I think you should definitely show your appreciation to guests by having wedding favors available. Guests will feel appreciated and can enjoy the favors after the event, while these items can also enhance your table d├ęcor and theme, and are simply a great way to say “thank you.”

Presentation, as well as the favors themselves, should reflect you as a couple. Thoughtfulness and creativity can speak volumes. One fun and creative idea is to hang your favors from the reception chairs. This is such a unique way of showcasing them, and it can also add some flair to the chairs!

With such a wide variety of favor options available, from the edible to the practical, it’s easy for a couple to become overwhelmed with choices. What are your top tips for helping a bride and groom narrow down their options and make the best decision?

Choosing that "perfect" favor can be a daunting task due to the abundance of options that are now readily available online. I first ask our brides to think about the ambiance or theme of the event. For extra help, we offer a great tool called "Favour Finder Express," where the buyer will answer a few questions, and one of our trained representatives will then send over a list of favors that meet the criteria.

Overall, when choosing your wedding favors, make sure they suit you as a couple and are meaningful. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to choose the right favors for your day. Research the options avilable at different brick-and-mortar stores, as well as via the online sites that are available. Favors add that finishing touch to any wedding or special event, and it's the little details that count.

With budget-savvy couples looking to save while still providing a great experience for their guests, what are some of your favorite fun and affordable favors that won’t break the bank?

When it comes to favors that aren’t too pricey, you can’t go wrong with our eco-friendly items. You can purchase most of these favors for under a dollar, and they are perfect for the eco-conscious couple!

Which favors or types of favors do you consistently find to be the most popular for weddings? Does it vary widely depending upon the season or month of the year?

During the spring and summer months, I've found that paper fans are a top choice among our customers, along with sunscreen favors. Our fall favors are normally purchased as early as August, and now, as Christmas is approaching, I find more customers are already asking about our winter-themed items.

What are the trendiest options in the favor world right now, and what are your predictions for the coming year?

Our Damask-patterned items have been very popular, since they can be great for any occasion, fit any theme, and work during any time of the year. It’s hard to predict the favor trend for the upcoming year, as it is all dependent upon the individuality of the brides and grooms, as well as the creativity of the favor designers. However, we do anticipate that the Damask pattern will stand the test of time.

Do you plan to give out favors at your wedding? How did you decide which items to choose?


  1. Great entry. I agree that favors make guests feel appreciated, even if they aren't necessary. I am a big fan of edible favors so we'll be having chocolate favors at our wedding.

  2. I always enjoy getting a favor at a wedding and seeing what the couple chooses. We went with personalized CD's which we got great feedback on. I'm glad that Damask is set to stand the test of time since we used that throughout our wedding!

  3. Ooh we gave the wine stopper ones when I planned my friend's bridal shower! We gave out homemade cookies - time consuming but delicious!

  4. I just have started thinking about favors for my wedding...this helped a lot, thanks!

  5. Great advice! I know I always feel appreciated as a guest when there are favors (although I don't hold it against the couple if there aren't).