Monday, January 4, 2010

What’s Your Bridal Style?

After leaving behind the California sunshine for the winter winds of D.C., I felt a bit bummed this weekend to see my holiday vacation come to a close. But watching the season premiere of Get Married definitely helped perk me up!

The new format, geared toward discovering and suiting each bride’s unique personality, is so fun and fresh. Of course, after watching the show, I hurried online to take the new “Bridal Style Quiz” myself. Now, I must say, I’ve fallen prey to many a cookie-cutter wedding quiz that didn’t accurately capture my style at all.

Would the Get Married quiz just be more of the same? Not in the least! Quick and fun, the quiz results were right on target, capturing my style and personality perfectly! I am:

43 percent – Charlotte: Your traditional taste stands the test of time

36 percent – Julia: Your simplicity defines you and your wedding

15 percent – Fergie: Bold and modern, you are one-of-a-kind

8 percent – Scarlett: Vintage and creative, your mix of old and new makes something uniquely you

I’ve long described my personal style as classic with a modern twist, and when it comes to the wedding, I’m definitely sticking with certain traditional aspects I love for their elegance and timelessness. Topping this list is the flowing white gown with a classic French bustle and fingertip veil. I’ve also thrown in a church ceremony, three-tiered cake, and bouquets oozing with roses.

But, as a laid-back, anti-drama queen, you’d better believe I’m also adding plenty of personal touches that will bring uniqueness and individuality to the big day without overdoing it. The biggest of these is our “Best of California” theme, which lets us tie in postcards as table name cards, serve signature sangria and a Mexican buffet, as well as showcase vineyard-style grapevine decorations on that classic wedding cake.


Another thing I love about the quiz is that the “Charlotte” inspiration photos, including images of beautiful gowns, cakes and flowers, prove that being traditional and classic definitely doesn’t mean being stuffy or old-fashioned. Thanks for the fun quiz and ideas, Get Married, but mostly, thanks for “getting” it!

What’s your bridal style, and how are you infusing your personality into the wedding?

(Graphic Credits: Get Married)


  1. Can't believe how out of the loop I am! Need to check this out!

  2. Ooooh, I want to take this quiz!!!

  3. Great quiz! My results were actually really close to yours except Fergie and Julia were swapped. (I'm a Charlotte though!)