Friday, January 8, 2010

Hustle & Bustle

As I stood waiting to slip into “the” gown during my first fitting, I felt excited, yet a bit anxious. After all, this was the moment I’d worked hard all summer for. Ran three miles a day for. Passed up cookies, chips and that extra glass of wine for. Would the dress fit the way I hoped it would? Would I love it as much as I did when I picked it from among a bevy of others back in August?

Happily, the dress fit perfectly, with only a couple changes needed at the hem. And yes, I loved it every bit as much and more. Having done my homework ahead of time, I also came prepared with the exact shoes and lingerie I plan to wear the day of the wedding. What I wasn’t prepared with were ideas about the type of bustle I wanted.

As a custom wedding gown designer from Peru, my seamstress has experience altering just about every type of dress, and was full of great ideas to enhance mine, such as attaching a couple small weights underneath my train so that it won’t crumple when I walk. When it comes to bustles, she said, the sky is the limit, and she’s seen it all. Here, a couple of the popular styles we considered for my gown.

Overbustle -- This style was subtle and barely noticeable. While it showcased the details on my train, the look felt a little too understated.

Pickup Bustles -- These were elegant and classy, with several variations, and I strongly considered the style.

But in the end, nothing impressed me as much as the gorgeous eight-tiered French bustle she showed me next. In my excitement, I completely forgot to snap a picture of the pinned-up layers, but here are examples of French bustles that are somewhat similar to mine.

I’m in love! Have you picked out a bustle style for your gown? Which designs are your favorites?

(Photo Credits: Google Images)


  1. My best friend had a french bustle at her wedding. It was beautiful! My gown doesn't have much of a train, so I'll probably just need something very simple.

  2. awesome!!!
    i haven't had my fitting yet, and i love the french bustle. problem is, people at the store told me that with the lace bottom, it's better to go with an american bustle because you wouldn't see the lace as much with the french. we'll see.
    love yours though.

  3. I love the bustle you picked, it was so pretty! :) You definitely made the right decision!

  4. Honestly I can't even remember what bustle I picked, my first fitting feels like eons ago. But I have to agree that the french bustle looks amazing! Do you know who is going to do the bustle for you on your wedding day? One of your maids perhaps?

  5. That last one is really stunning! My dress comes in any day, so this will give me some good ideas for my bustle!

  6. French it is for me too. But not enough train for 8 :) Looks stunning!

  7. Phillydizzi Bride to Be, that’s one more thing our amazing day-of-coordinator will be helping out with! :)

  8. Wow that is going to look stunning!