Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stress Less with a Month-and-Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

When I first started planning our long-distance wedding last spring, I was excited and full of ideas, but also a bit overwhelmed by the long list of to-dos that lay ahead. But like many couples trying to stick to a budget, Stephen and I automatically assumed that a wedding coordinator was an added luxury we just couldn’t afford.

I’m glad to say we were wrong, and that hiring Cari, our month-and-day-of coordinator, has turned out to be the perfect solution. While many full-service coordinators charge a percentage of your total budget to handle all the major planning, most month-and-day-of planners will negotiate a flat rate, customizing a package that includes only the services you most need.

By working with Cari, I’ve been able to have fun handling most of the long-term planning on my own, but also feel completely relaxed knowing that during the crazy month right before the wedding, I can focus on wrapping things up at work and packing while she’s taking care of important tasks like setting up vendor timelines.

And even though our wedding isn’t until June, Cari’s already been so helpful in answering questions and giving us referrals to vendors as needed. For those who are still skeptical, here’s a glimpse at the types of services a month-and-day-of coordinator offers.

· Meet a month before the wedding to finalize details

· Provide a detailed event timeline for contracted vendors and the wedding party

· Personally contact each vendor during the wedding week to confirm arrangements and make sure they agree with the timeline they received

· Provide design and décor ideas

· Provide unlimited advice via telephone or e-mail

· Provide information about traditions and protocol, as well as advice about etiquette

· Coordinate all details on the wedding day, so the couple can relax knowing they are taken care of

· Orchestrate the rehearsal and ceremony

· Arrive at the wedding site 2-3 hours prior to the ceremony to ensure a smooth day and set up whatever the bride has provided the day of the rehearsal

· Distribute flowers to the wedding party and assist with pinning

· Distribute final payments and tips to vendors if needed

· Direct the seating of guests with the ushers, and cue the musicians

· Keep the wedding party and families stress-free

· Take care of any last-minute details to relieve the couple’s worries

· Act as a liaison between the couple and their vendors to ensure that the couple’s ideas are carried out and activities are kept on schedule

· Assist the bride and attendants in dressing for the ceremony if needed

· Bustle the wedding gown at the reception

· Coordinate all reception details such as the grand entrance and first dance, toasting, cake cutting, etc.

· Place personal items (bouquet, cake topper, cake knife, portrait, guestbook, goblets, gifts) in designated areas

· Provide a wedding day emergency kit

Who wouldn’t be grateful for this help? I know I definitely am! And while we also have a family friend who’s doing a fantastic job helping us out with certain planning aspects so far, I think expecting a guest to spend the entire wedding day working would be completely unfair.

Are you hiring a planner to help out on or before your wedding day? What do you think you’ll most need some extra help with?

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  1. No month-of coordinator for us, but we did pay for the day-of coordinator services at our venue. We won't have as much going on as you with moving, so I'm hoping that not having a month-of coordinator will be OK.

  2. Wow, that sounds really nice. Maybe I'll have to think about that one...

  3. that sounds amazing. can i hire her too? :)

  4. We are having a DOC that comes as part of our venue package. It would be great to have a MOC but I don't think we can justify the money spent on one when so many other things are expensive in Cyprus. Yours sounds amazing!

  5. I have a wedding planner who is still new to the business so her rate was perfect for me. She does everything so far. I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship and she recently got married in a budget wedding so she understands where I am coming from.

  6. We would not be having this wedding if it wasn't for out coordinator! Sometimes she drives me nuts, but overall there's no way I could have done it without her. I would recommend having one to anyone just to take the stress off...not just to those of us who have to plan from a great distance. :)

  7. Biggest wedding regret - not having a day of coordinator. It would have solved SO many of the problems we ran into. DO IT. It will be worth every penny.